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Monday, May 13, 2019

Baguio City has a new Mayor in Benjamin Magalong

Photo Courtesy || Benjamin Magalong FB
Baguio City - Benjamin Magalong, the police general who led the investigation into one of the bloodiest botched operations in police history has been chosen by the people of Baguio as their new mayor. 

A new leadership under Magalong will replace incumbent Baguio Mayor Mauricio Domogan who sought for a congressional seat this year. 

Magalong is best known for his PNP chairmanship in which he led and published a full, fair and just report on the Mamasapano incident.

Magalong's core value of leadership includes speeding up government action, revitalizing the environment, innovative peace and order management and effective traffic management.

The following are Magalong's platforms:

Speeding Up Government Action. Government services will be made accessible, available, and affordable to the people. We must do away with policies that make our people wait in long lines just to be served, or told to return in vain for follow-up.

Revitalizing the Environment. Government will take the lead in efforts to intensify environmental protection, preservation, conservation, and replenishment of dwindling resources. We will craft and execute long-term solutions that will assuredly provide the most appropriate solid and liquid waste management at the least possible expense. Our goal is simple: We must ensure that our constituents have clean air, safe potable water, and access to reasonably priced food source. Urban agriculture shall be promoted among residents.

Innovative and Order Management. We will aspire for no less than the best possible peace and order management for Baguio, considering the city’s rapidly growing population. Modern innovative solutions including “Safer Cities” technology will be applied.

Effective Traffic Management. We have to devise a more effective traffic management system through a consistent application of the 4-E’s

source: Sunstar Baguio


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