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Thursday, May 10, 2018

8 Young Benguet Farmers Off to Japan to Learn New Farming Techniques

Cordillera - Eight young Benguet farmers were off to Japan on Wednesday for a three-year intensive on-farm training to learn new farming techniques, modern agricultural management skills and join in farm youth activities at the Farmers Cooperative of Ehime Prefecture and in Kochi Prefecture in Japan. 

According to Philippine News Agency the participants came from different municipalities of Benguet. They are Rufino Budoyan Jr. of Bokod; Francis Galuten and Gentar Manicawa, both of Mankayan; Rico Wakat of Sablan; Hardy Bua-eg of Bugias; Vincent Comila of Bakun; Arman Caris of Kapangan; and Febie Ann Mayames of Kibungan. 

The trainees will take the course that is part of the Young Filipino Farmers Training in Japan (YFFTPJ) Program which is conceived to provide training opportunities for young men and women engaged in agriculture to help improve Benguet's agriculture through exchanges in technology and farming methods. 
Office of the Provincial Agriculture (OPAG) supervising agriculturist Delinia Juan said the program will encourage young farmers into agriculture by helping them acquire new agricultural techniques, experience life in a foreign country, and strengthen their foreign language skills. 

When they return home, the trainees are expected to bring a new level of expertise that will assist them in their work and share with their fellow farmers in the provinces. 


Friday, May 4, 2018

Two boys in Sagada invented an improvised glass and bottle crusher received award

Photo Courtesy || Provincial Government of Mountain Province

Cordillera - They may be only elementary pupils, but these two kids have a brilliant mind of an inventor. 

Nixon L. Labian and Jimber Lee A. Camared of Sagada, Mt. Province just invented a treadle glass and bottle crusher that is capable of crushing bottles and broken glasses which are not usually accepted in most junk shop. The machine can be used to crushed bottle that can be mixed with cement according to Mt. Province PIO.

The crusher that was invented by Labian and Camared even got a nod from the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office. The office found that the crusher is a functional hand operated manual treadle glass and bottle crusher with pedal. The crusher is operated using a discarded bicycle attached to it with brace to make it steady and more durable. 

The machine is capable of crushing medicine bottles, broken glasses and other types of bottles. It can grind bottles that weigh about 2575 grams.  

Using a recycled ball mill, Labiang who was then in grade VI in school year 2016-2017 invented an improvised glass and bottle crusher. Last year, Camared introduced innovations to the prototype glass crusher by attaching a bicycle to function as a treadle. The treadle glass and bottle crusher entry of Banga-an Elementary School was able to garner the first place during last year's Regional Science and Math Festival - Elementary Category of the Department of Education held at La Trinidad, Benguet. 


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Labian and Camared are students of Banga-an Elementary School in Sagada. They were recognized by the Provincial Local Government Unit of Mountain Province for their ingenuity and effort in developing an improvised device that can contribute to the reduction of solid waste. 

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The provincial goverment of Mt. Province awarded them  with Certificates of Commendation and cash incentives of Php 2,500 each. 

source || Provincial Government of Mountain Province FB page.


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Former OFW wins new House and Lot Package at OWWA-CAR Labor Day Job Fair

Photo Courtesy || DOLE CAR
Baguio City - A former OFW was the luckiest job seeker of all time during the 2018 Labor Day Job Fair held at  Baguio City High School campus on Tuesday. 

25-year-old Joyce Mae Ridual couldn't believe about the blessing she had received during Labor Day, she just won a house and lot package. 

Ridual hit the jackpot of the House and Lot raffle promo sponsored by PAG-IBIG Fund drawn by the Department of Labor and Employment - Cordillera (CAR). 

According to Ridual, she wasn't aware of the raffle draw and was surprised when her number was called out and she was announced the winner of a house and lot. 

"Nung tinawag na iyung number, nagulat na lang po ako at saka iniisip ko po kanina, hindi ko ata nasulatan yung ticket, iyun pala wala palang name, number lang pala. Nung inaanounce na yung number ko, hindi pa rin ako makapaniwal," Ridual said.

Ridual credited the Almighty God for winning the jackpot because she believed it's God's will and winning it is not a luck. She said that right before the draw, she walked to the Baguio Cathedral and said a prayer. 

Not only that, Ridual was also hired on the spot for a nurse position overseas. According to the agency's recruitment officer, her credentials and experience of working in Riyadh for two years are enough to qualify her for the job. 

During the whole day Labor Day event, there were 3,824 job seeker who applied for work and only 544 were lucky to be hired on the spot according to 


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

New fossil discovery in Kalinga suggests early humans lived in the Philippines 700,000 years ago

Cordillera - A new discovery by a team of Filipino, French and Dutch scientists have shown evidence suggesting the presence of the so-called archaic humans in the island of Southeast Asia 400,000 years ago before our known species Homo Sapiens even existed, according to a new article published in Nature.

The new evidence which was excavated in Kalinga of the Cagayan valley of Northern Luzon shows  rhino bones and stone tools. Scientists found marks on the bones that indicates sharp-edge tools were used in butchering rhinos and removing flesh and fats from the bones. 

Mike Morley, an archaeologist from the University of Wollongong in Australia said on Gizmodo that the marks on the bones were signs of butchery by unknown species of hominins. 

"The stones tools and the cut marks on the bones certainly point to a butchery site, with the bone being fractured and scored presumably during the dismembering of the animal, leaving characteristics signs of this butchery on the bones; the hominins who did this remain unknown, however, as there are no hominins bones associated with the archaeological material and fossils", Morley said

But researchers were not able to determine what species  of rhino hunters and tool-makers had inhabited Luzon long time ago due to the lack of hominin fossils in the site.

If the age of the fossils which is around 700,000 years ago would be the basis, Thomas Ingicco who lead the Kalinga site discovery said Homo Erectus who seems to have been present on those years may be the tool-makers because these species were present all over those years in Asia. 

Where did these hominins come from and how did they come to Luzon? The teams conclude that hominins of some kind must have come originally from Borneo to the southwest or from Taiwan to the north and they could have used some sort of watercraft.

Scientists led Ingicco also uncovered different bones belonging to a species of brown deer, monitor lizards, freshwater turtles and stegodons - a kind of extinct mammal similar to elephants and mammoths.

Using different dating techniques like the electron-spin resonance methods, archaeologists were able to date the bones to be around 777,000 to 631,000 years ago. 

source || theConversation ||


Monday, April 30, 2018

LOOK: High-tech Areal Spraying Drone tested in La Trinidad Farms

Photo source || Manny Pinol FB
Cordillera - Benguet farmers will soon get into using cutting edge technology such as areal drones when it comes to spraying their crops as the Department of Agriculture (DA) successfully tested a remote-controlled drones which is capable of spraying vegetables from above. 

According to DA Secretary Manny Piñol five thousand hectares of vegetable farms in Buguias town and other selected towns of Benguet Province will serve as the pilot area of the newest farming technology which the department of Agriculture is adopting. 

The areal spraying drone was tested in vegetable farms in La-Trinidad witnessed by the Japanese Embassy and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) officials, Benguet Governor Cresencio Pacalso and some curious vegetables farmers. 

DA Sec. Piñol said the use of drone technology in farm operation will be the fist time the Department is utilizing. 

He also said the farms in the Cordillera Region is ideal for the said technology because most of these are carved out of the mountains and the task of going up and down to spray the crops is costly to farmers. 

Agricultural drone technology has been improving in the last few years and many farmers are ready to adopt the use of it in improving their farm productivity. 

Drone applications in farming can range from surveying and mapping to cropdusting and spraying. 

Areal Spraying Drones can carry tanks of fertilizers and pesticides in order to spray crops located in higher elevated slope where traditional spraying method is hard to operate. The use of areal drones can also protect the farmers who spray crops manually from the risk of potential pesticide exposure. 


Friday, April 27, 2018


Cordillera - The Department of Labor and Employment - Cordillera (DOLE-CAR) had announced that there will be around 14,300 jobs available for those who are looking for employment whether local or overseas employment on May 1, during the celebration of Labor Day. 

DOLE-CAR Director Exequiel De Guzman said that there are 12,300 overseas jobs and 2,370 local jobs available during the job fair which will be held at Baguio City High School main campus. 

De Guzman, in an interview with local media, urged jobseekers to avail themselves of the pre-registration service to prepare them in advance to know which employer or job should they  apply. 

Venue of the pre-registration is at the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) located at the 2nd Floor of the Baguio City Hall from 8:00 am to 5 pm from April 26 - 28.

De Guzman also raised hopes that many jobseekers will be hired on the spot which he believes will prove the success of the job fair. 

He also asked jobseekers not to be selective when applying for a job instead they should try to apply to several employers as much as possible.  They should bring more of their job application requirements. 

In addition to the job fair, De Guzman also said there will be seminars to be conducted to help Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) entrepreneurs to be spearheaded by participating government agencies.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cordillera records fastest economic growth in 2017 according to PSA

Baguio City - The Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) has recorded the fastest among the 17 Philippines region in 2017 in terms of economic growth, the Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA) said. 

According to a data from the PSA, CAR showed a growth of 12.1 percent last year in terms of economic expansion. 

Main contributor of the positive growth are the provinces of Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Kalinga, Ifugao, Mountain Province including Baguio City. 

In a news published by BusinessWorld on Friday, it says the CAR's growing economy last year was lifted by the industry sector which is the region's main source of revenue output accounting for 52.1% of its gross regional domestic product (GRDP). 

Another driver to the growth last year was the infrastructure development, according the Union Bank of the Philippines chief economist Ruben Carlo O. Asuncion.

"Current trends indicate that real estate developments are growing in non-traditional economic centers," Asuncion said. 

Asuncion also added that CAR and Central Luzon are host of recent game-changing infrastructure projects like the SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway), NLEX(North Luzon Expressway), and TPLEX (Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway), which he believes have direct impact on local economies.

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Igorot from Bakun, Benguet, number 8 in 2017 Bar Exam top 10 passers

Cordillera - A student of San Beda - Manila, Algie Kwillon Mariacos, is among the top 10 of the 2017 Bar examination passers with a grade of 88.90 percent. 

Photo Courtesy || PTV Cordillera FB
Algie Kwillon Mariacos is from Bakun, Benguet. He was number 8 of the top 10 in the 2017 Bar examination together with Krizza Alcantara-Bagni, having the same grade of 88.90% . 

The results of the 2017 Bar examinations were released on Thursday, with Simondo, Mark John of the University of St. La Salle taking the top spot with a grade of 91.05 percent. 

Committee Chairman Associate Justice Lucas Bersamin announced the results together with the copy of the list of successful examinees  of the 116th bar exam held in November last year. 

The supreme court announced that only 1,724 of the 6,728 examiness had successfully passed the bar. 

Also among the top 10 scorers were: 

2. Balili, Christianne Mae C - University of San Carlos = 90.80%
3. Remoroza, Camille B, - Ateneo De Davao = 90.70%
4. Hisilor, Ivanne D'Laureil I. - University of San Carlos = 89.55%
5. Yap, Monica Anne T. - San Beda College - Manila = 89.45%
6. Gayya, Lorenzo Luigi T. - University of Santo Tomas = 89.10%
7. Servacio, Rheland S. - University of San Carlos =89.00%
8. Alcantara-Bagni, Krizza Fe P. - St. Mary's University = 88.90%
9. Torralba, Klinton M. - University of Santo Tomas = 88.40%
10. Aguilar, Emma Ruby J. - University of Santo Tomas = 88.35%

Photo Courtesy || Supreme Court of The Philippines

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Canadian vlogger says Sagada and Kalinga are the most beautiful places he had visited in the Philippines

Kulas posed for a photo along a road going to Kalinga overlooking a spectacular mountain view. Photo Courtesy || BecomingFilipino FB page. 
Cordillera - A triumphant and memorable journey from the south all the way to the north passing through seas and mountains, Kyle Jennerman or popularly known as 'Kulas' had successfully concluded his road adventure in Batanes using his motorcycle he named 'Cindy'. 

When he arrived in Batanes, he was met by Rated K TV crew and conduct a short interview about his journey. 

Asked about his top 5 most memorable places in the Philippines, Sagada and Kalinga are his top one pick. The reason - the views of Sagada and Kalinga are incredible. 

"We literally drove from Manila up to Sagada and then Sagada to Kalinga. Sobrang malaki ang mountains, crazy roads but the views are incredible", Kulas said. 

In his travel diary in his BecomingFilipino Facebook Page, he shared what he learned about the Apayao Province. 

"Driving trough Cagayan Valley, I realized I was near the Provincial Capital of Apayao. So, I decided to take a little detour. Even though I haven't explore the Province, it was great to learn a little and better understand just how big and diverse Luzon is! Did you know that Apayao is only 23 years old, and split from "Kaling-Apayao".

Yup, nestled away amongst  farmland on the foothills of massive mountains...Apayao's Provincial Capital kind of looks like a heart. Make sense! Because for the brief moments I spent there a lot of love was thrown at me...

It was such as beautiful simple experience outside the Capital, and without a doubt it made me the future I MUST explore this Province in the mountains."

Staying in Sagada is an incredible experience for Kulas. The cool temperatures and natural climate, the delicious local brewed coffee and Blueberries and the hospitality of the people, these are all the things Kulas will never forget about the town of Sagada. 

"Sagada, your environment is incredible, and you offer so many simple things that truly add comfort and happiness to days spent in your charming town", Kulas wrote in his FB page. 


Mankayan Mayor Luspian named 'Gawad Parangal' most oustanding mayor in 2018

Mankayan Mayor Materno Luspian received recognition at this year's Gawad Parangal Most Oustanding Mayor by the Association of Local Social Welfare and Development Officers of the Philippines, Inc (ALSWDOPI). Photo Courtesy || Ronald Allan Comila FB

Cordillera - Mayor Materno Luspian of Mankayan, Benguet was conferred by the Association of Local Social Welfare and Development Officers of the Philippines, Incorporated (ALSWDOPI) as this year's Gawad Parangal Most Oustanding Mayor (1st to 3rd class municipality).

The award was formally received by Luspian during 22nd LSWDO's National Development Forum and General Assembly held at Crown Legacy Hotel, Baguio City on18th of April 2018.

The said award is given to local chief executives in the country who have excelled in the implementation of their social welfare and development programs. 

Luspian is among the 13 local chief executive chosen for the prestigious award including Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan and other mayors and governors from different provinces and municipalities in the country.

Among Luspian's notable policies is the strict implementation of the 'No Segregation, No Collection Policy' and waste segregation at source ordinance.

The new ordinance prohibits littering or throwing of waste in public places, dumping of garbage in public and private areas, non-segregation of solid waste at source, unscheduled bringing out of waste, unauthorized dumping of solid waste at disposal facility (MRF), transport of solid waste without nets or covering materials on the collection vehicles, opening burning or solid wastes, and burning of agricultural wastes.

The ordinance also stipulates the proper segregation of wastes before it will be brought out for collection otherwise it will not be collected. 

Failure to follow the ordinance will have fines and penalties ranging from P500 to P2,500 and one month imprisonment.

Luspian was joined by Gawad Parangal 2018 Commitee Chairperson Florita Lachica and ALSWDOPI National President Betty Fangasan. 

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