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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Canadian vlogger says Sagada and Kalinga are the most beautiful places he had visited in the Philippines

Kulas posed for a photo along a road going to Kalinga overlooking a spectacular mountain view. Photo Courtesy || BecomingFilipino FB page. 
Cordillera - A triumphant and memorable journey from the south all the way to the north passing through seas and mountains, Kyle Jennerman or popularly known as 'Kulas' had successfully concluded his road adventure in Batanes using his motorcycle he named 'Cindy'. 

When he arrived in Batanes, he was met by Rated K TV crew and conduct a short interview about his journey. 

Asked about his top 5 most memorable places in the Philippines, Sagada and Kalinga are his top one pick. The reason - the views of Sagada and Kalinga are incredible. 

"We literally drove from Manila up to Sagada and then Sagada to Kalinga. Sobrang malaki ang mountains, crazy roads but the views are incredible", Kulas said. 

In his travel diary in his BecomingFilipino Facebook Page, he shared what he learned about the Apayao Province. 

"Driving trough Cagayan Valley, I realized I was near the Provincial Capital of Apayao. So, I decided to take a little detour. Even though I haven't explore the Province, it was great to learn a little and better understand just how big and diverse Luzon is! Did you know that Apayao is only 23 years old, and split from "Kaling-Apayao".

Yup, nestled away amongst  farmland on the foothills of massive mountains...Apayao's Provincial Capital kind of looks like a heart. Make sense! Because for the brief moments I spent there a lot of love was thrown at me...

It was such as beautiful simple experience outside the Capital, and without a doubt it made me the future I MUST explore this Province in the mountains."

Staying in Sagada is an incredible experience for Kulas. The cool temperatures and natural climate, the delicious local brewed coffee and Blueberries and the hospitality of the people, these are all the things Kulas will never forget about the town of Sagada. 

"Sagada, your environment is incredible, and you offer so many simple things that truly add comfort and happiness to days spent in your charming town", Kulas wrote in his FB page. 


Mankayan Mayor Luspian named 'Gawad Parangal' most oustanding mayor in 2018

Mankayan Mayor Materno Luspian received recognition at this year's Gawad Parangal Most Oustanding Mayor by the Association of Local Social Welfare and Development Officers of the Philippines, Inc (ALSWDOPI). Photo Courtesy || Ronald Allan Comila FB

Cordillera - Mayor Materno Luspian of Mankayan, Benguet was conferred by the Association of Local Social Welfare and Development Officers of the Philippines, Incorporated (ALSWDOPI) as this year's Gawad Parangal Most Oustanding Mayor (1st to 3rd class municipality).

The award was formally received by Luspian during 22nd LSWDO's National Development Forum and General Assembly held at Crown Legacy Hotel, Baguio City on18th of April 2018.

The said award is given to local chief executives in the country who have excelled in the implementation of their social welfare and development programs. 

Luspian is among the 13 local chief executive chosen for the prestigious award including Baguio City Mayor Mauricio Domogan and other mayors and governors from different provinces and municipalities in the country.

Among Luspian's notable policies is the strict implementation of the 'No Segregation, No Collection Policy' and waste segregation at source ordinance.

The new ordinance prohibits littering or throwing of waste in public places, dumping of garbage in public and private areas, non-segregation of solid waste at source, unscheduled bringing out of waste, unauthorized dumping of solid waste at disposal facility (MRF), transport of solid waste without nets or covering materials on the collection vehicles, opening burning or solid wastes, and burning of agricultural wastes.

The ordinance also stipulates the proper segregation of wastes before it will be brought out for collection otherwise it will not be collected. 

Failure to follow the ordinance will have fines and penalties ranging from P500 to P2,500 and one month imprisonment.

Luspian was joined by Gawad Parangal 2018 Commitee Chairperson Florita Lachica and ALSWDOPI National President Betty Fangasan. 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

LOOK: Hailstorm showers Paoay, Atok Benguet

Baguio City - Pebbles of ice with the size of corn kernel showered the town of Paoay in Atok Benguet for over an hour on Saturday.

In a short video uploaded by a local resident on Facebook, it can be seen the moment when corn kernel- size pebbles of ice land on  roofing of a house overlooking a greenhouse garden below.

Video uploader Stefanie Cornel Haight also posted photos of the aftermath of the hailstorm that hit and filled a toilet bowl with small marbles of ice similar to crushed-ice used in Halo-halo.

White as cloud marbles of ice land on ground in Paoay, Atok Benguet. Photo Courtesy || Stefanie Cornel Haight

Corn kernel-size pebbles of ice. Photo Courtesy || Stefanie Cornel Haight

A toilet bowl filled with marbles of ice. Photo Courtesy || Stefanie Cornel Haight
Occurrence of hailstorm during the beginning of the summer season in the country can only happen once or twice a year which can be attributed to the negative effects of climate change according to Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or (PAGASA).

But PAGASA had said that hailstorm such as this should not cause panic and fear, since it is simply a natural phenomenon that occurs when high temperature hit land, causing precipitation to fall to earth as rain but freeze on the way to the ground.

Watch hailstorm in Paoay:

Photos and Videos all belongs to Stefanie Cornel Haight.

Belingon, Banario and Iniong prevail at ONE 'Heroes of Honor' in Manila

Photo Courtesy: ONE Championship
Cordillera - Igorots MMA fighters bring glory to the Philippines and Cordillera as they successfully won their individual battle in front of a cheerful hometown fans at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City on Friday night. 

In the main event Kevin "The Silencer" Belingon from Kiangan Ifugao had delivered a brilliant performance as he pummeled Andrew Leone until the 2nd round, when he delivered a beautifully executed spinning side kick that brought Leone to the ground. Belingon then followed him with loads of hard blows that caused the referee to intervene to prevent more damages. 

Belingon scored a breathtaking TKO at 1:27 of round 2 improving his record to 18 wins and only 5 losses. 

Honorio "The Rock" Banario, another Igorot fighter from Benguet had impressed his hometown fans with a split decision victory over veteran fighter Adrian Pang. 

With his improved defense and perfectly executed kicks and punches, Banario was able to land numerous clean and hard shots against Pang that ultimately got the favor of the judges. 

Banario had improved his record to 13-6 with a five-bout winning streak. 

Also giving honor to the Philippines and the Cordillera is the only female Igorot fighter in the event, Gina "Conviction" Iniong who won via dominant unanimous decision against Jenny Huan. 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Baguio student who represent CAR declared champion in the 8th ASEAN Quiz National Level Competition

Baguio City -  Three high school students have emerged winners in the recently concluded 8th ASEAN Quiz National Level Competition held in Quezon City from April 3 to 6. 

Among them was Jericho Villarico, a grade 10 student of Baguio City National High School who was declared the overall champion. 

Villarico said he felt pressured because after the result, the three of them will carry the flag of the Philippines when they will go to Indonesia for this year's 8th ASEAN Quiz Bee.

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"I feel more pressured because we have to carry the flag of the Philippines in the regional competition in Indonesia, because the Philippines has been consistently winning, " he said according to Philippine News Agency website. 

Villarico and his team will travel to Bali, Indonesia in the last quarter of this year for the 8th ASEAN Quiz Bee. 

The ASEAN QUIZ aims to foster the spirit of healthy competition among ASEAN youth in a friendly quiz that exposes them to ASEAN cultural, political, economic and social information.

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Student-participants also get a chance to immerse themselves in the culture of the host-country in a special day tour attached to the event. 

Meanwhile the ASEAN Quiz National Level Competition is a biennial contest held in the country which aimed to gather the brightest students nationwide to prepare them to compete in the regional level against students from the 10 ASEAN member countries.


Baguio City among top 10 Safest Cities in Southeast Asia in 2018

Cordillera - Baguio City has been named among the safest city in Southeast Asia according to a newly released data from Numbeo.

Numbeo is the world's largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide. 

It provides current and timely information on world living conditions including cost of living, housing indicators, health care, traffic, crime and pollution.

Baguio City has been ranked the 6th place with a record of 59.43 safety index.

Aside from Baguio, there were other four cities of the Philippines that have been included in the list. 

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These are:

2nd Place: Valenzuela City - 74.79 Safety Index

4th Place: Davao City - 71.21 Safety Index

5th Place: Makati City - 60.44 Safety Index


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Where to find the "best bread in the Philippines"? Answer: In SAGADA

Cordillera - "It was the best bread I have had in the Philippines. It was like European bread", that was the statement of Jun Jun when he first tasted the bread of 'Ma'am Jane' in her bakeshop in Sagada. 

Jun Jun was the travel buddy of Canadian vlogger Kyle Jennerman popularly known in his local name as "Kulas". They are currently traveling north of Luzon and they are now exploring Cordillera particularly Sagada, Kalinga and the Mountain Province. 

On their journey into Sagada town, they were accompanied by their local tour guide ma'am Jane who happens to have a bakery business in town.
Jane took them to her bakeshop to try out some of her handmade bread. 

"It could be some of the best bread in the Philippines," this was Kulas reaction after eating some of Jane's bread. 

"100% MUST TRY! Especially when fresh (usually around 2-3 pm everyday). Jane makes chocolate, blueberry, cheese, vegan, and cinnamon raisin breads... All 100% handmade with natural ingredients, no preservatives, and no "cheap additions". Jennerman wrote in his FB page BecomingFilipino. 

Kulas later learned that ma'am Jane was a former OFW who had worked in Israel for 11 years. She came back to Sagada, trained how to bake with a french baker and later she started her own little bakery in Sagada.

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Proud Igorot from Tublay, Benguet named Youth Mayor of Frankston, Victoria, Australia

Frankston Mayor Hampton shakes hand with newly appointed Youth Mayor Gerard Felipe. Photo Courtesy || Frankston City Council FB.

Cordillera - 19-year-old Gerard Felipe was very excited and rapt to take on his new position as the new Youth Mayor for the municipality of Frankston, Victoria, Australia. 

Gerard Felipe was a proud Igorot and Cordilleran from Tublay, Benguet. 

In his message on Facebook, Gerard thanked everyone who supported him and also very proud of being an Igorot.

"I am proud to serve as the first youth Mayor for the municipality of Frankston, Victoria, Australia as an Igorot", Felipe wrote. 

"I continue to take pride of sharing our rich culture abroad, and look forward to encouraging the youth within the community to reach their highest potential. But most importantly, I will never forget where I come from. "

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Felipe will serve for 12 months working together with the local community and local government of Frankston as part of the program designed to allow the youth aged from 18 to take an active role in the community. 

Part of his role as youth mayor is to meet regularly with the youth council and attend regular council meetings, as well as working with the youth council to address youth disengagement, bullying and mental health. 

On taking his new role as youth mayor, Felipe said he was motivated by Gandhi's quote: "Be the change you want to see in the world."

His inspiring message to the youth: "Be informed and don't be afraid to speak up for what you believe is right."

Frankston's Mayor Colin Hampton was optimistic about Felipe role, "Gerard is sure to be a fantastic representative for Frankston City's local youth and I look forward to working with him".

"Gerard sees the youth mayor role as a great opportunity for young people to be heard with programs for youth to be more involved and active within local community," Hampton added.

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Benguet has the best Arabica Coffee in the Philippines - coffee experts say

Oliver Oliem from Atok, Benguet recognized during the PCQC awarding ceremony at Hotel Supreme. Photo Courtesy || PCQC FB page.
Baguio City - The locally grown Arabica coffee in Benguet emerged as the champion and named as the best coffee in the Philippines during the 3rd Philippine Coffee Conference held in Baguio City on March 21- 22. 

The Arabica coffee entry of Mr. Oliver Oliem, a coffee farmer from Caliking, Atok, Benguet topped other regions in the country in terms of coffee quality.

Oliem entry got a grade of 87.06 from the judges who unanimously voted for the Arabica entry and said the coffee beans were exemplary because it has blends that has a characteristics of Apricot, lemongrass, Pomelo, Oolong Tea and aroma of a Rose. 

One of the judge Shaun Ong from Singapore, said the high-rating of the coffee quality is testament of the improving coffee quality in the country. 

"There is a dramatic increase of quality and it caught the judges, wondering what has been happening on the ground. Competition helps producers realize there is market for quality coffee. Anything above 80 should already be applauded." Ong said. 

Other winners from Benguet were the coffee entry of Restie Labi Tacio, also from Caliking, Atok, who got the third spot and Belen Macanes from Sagpat, Kibungan, who was ranked fifth place. 

Winners of this year's coffee competition were recognized during the 2018 PCQC awarding ceremony  at the Hotel Supreme. 

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Co-organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and other Philippine government agencies including US based institutions, the PCQC aims to give recognition to farmers who showcase excellence in coffee growing, and to encourage others to push for product development.

Lead judge Charlie Habegger, a specialty coffee buyer for Blue Bottle Coffee from USA and Asia said "Competitions are important because we identify those coffee and we could share those coffee as an example".

"Judges from different cultures, palletes, experience, perspective can agree on example of great quality that is really significant", Habegger added. 


Friday, March 23, 2018

New North Cagayan Airport opens up first direct flight from Cagayan to Macau

Aerial View of the New North Cagayan International Airport. Photo Courtesy || Cagayan Province FB page
Cordillera - The North Cagayan International Airport also known as Lallo Airport located in Cagayan province has successfully launched its first Inaugural commercial flight from Macau on March 23. 

The P.1.67-billion new airport in Cagayan will be catering different international flights to Macau and other destinations in China in a regular basis by the fourth quarter of this year, following the installation of important navigational tool for pilots to help them acquire safe landing, according to Raul Lambino, administrator of the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA).

The airport which is managed by the Cagayan Premium Ventures Development Corporation, a joint venture company developed by CEZA and a private company is now expected to accommodate bigger aircraft like the Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 that can cater international tourists coming to visit Northern Luzon. 

Following its successful inaugural flight, the airport can provide many different aviation services such as park and hangar club, aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul, test flight for schools offering aviation courses and other services. 

The airport can also be used by the Philippine Air Force as their Northern Luzon Hub. 

But, the main plan for the airport, according to Lambino is to establish an open gateway to serve regular flight for local tourists and international tourists visiting Northern Cagayan, Apayao and Ilocos Norte. 

The airport also expects to serve domestic flights starting in April this year to accommodate local tourists coming from different places in the country to visit North of Luzon. 

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