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Saturday, December 30, 2023

LOOK: Ifugao Artist Christopher Atiwon Produces Stunning Artworks Using "Kititkit"

Cordillera - Christopher Atiwon, a Baguo-based artist with roots in the enchanting Ifugao province, hails from the land celebrated as the home of the country's finest wood carvers. 
Photo Courtesy || Christopher Atiwon

Renowned for his breathtaking wood artworks, Atiwon crafts masterpieces from various types of wood, each possessing a unique character – some smooth, others raw, all distinguished by intricate details.

Atiwon employs the distinctive "kitikit" method of wood carving, an ancient Ifugao tradition that adds a touch of cultural richness to his creations. 

His works, reminiscent of the sculptural mastery of the Greeks and Romans with marble, elevate wood to the realm of fine arts. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts would find his pieces worthy of its prestigious collection.

Recognized as one of the Philippines' premier wood artists, Atiwon stands out for his exceptional skill, intelligence, and status as a beacon of inspiration for future generations. 

His legacy is etched in the grains of wood and the hearts of those captivated by his extraordinary craftsmanship.


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