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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Family in Mt. Province Builds Stunning Two-Story House on Solid Rock Foundation

Cordillera - In the picturesque town in Mt. Province, a family has crafted a remarkable two-story house perched upon a sturdy rock, just above a tranquil river. 

This awe-inspiring architectural feat showcases the advantages of building upon a solid foundation. 

While many structures are erected on soil or weak ground, this family's decision to construct their home on a rock brings numerous benefits.

The first advantage lies in stability and durability. The unyielding rock foundation ensures the house can withstand natural forces like earthquakes and floods, providing unmatched safety and peace of mind for the family. 

Additionally, the elevated location grants stunning panoramic views, connecting the household with nature's beauty.

The house exemplifies environmental consciousness, as it requires minimal excavation and disruption to the landscape. Furthermore, the inherent energy efficiency of the rock keeps the interior cooler during scorching summers and acts as a thermal buffer during colder months.

The family's bold choice inspires architects and homeowners alike, showcasing the significance of a rock-solid foundation in constructing resilient, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing homes that harmonize with their surroundings.



Anonymous said...

Very nice foundation because solid and sturdy. The owner or engineer must have been planning this very well. Hope this will withstand calamities. It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

wise man

Igorotak said...

We still hope that will stand for centuries

Anonymous said...

wise igorot😊

Anonymous said...

Wise decision and the stone is a blessing in his lot not everybody are blessed with such huge stone to contain a house that big. Though there are counted igorots who built their houses clinging to a rock which some parts of the rock servesd as stairs inside going upper floors and also served as wallings in other parts of the house rooms

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