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Monday, September 13, 2021

Japan offers thousands of jobs to Filipinos once borders reopens

Jobs awaits OFWs in Japan once border reopens

Cordillera - Filipino workers are known world-wide for their job ethics. They are diligent at work, friendly, posses solid qualifications, and they are adaptable to  various cultures and easily learn the language of their country of work.

The Labor Attache in Japan Mrs. Elizabeth Marie Estrada said on a virtual meeting that Japan will be needing 350,000 foreign workers under the specified skilled workers (SSWs) within a five-year period. 

"Based on the deployment tract on specified skilled workers which was opened by the Japanese government in 2019, they said that within the five-year period they will allow the entry of 350,000 workers", Estrada said via PNA.

She said that once Japan started opening its borders, Japan will be hiring more Filipino skilled workers to be deployed in the host country. 

Japan is targeting around 350,000 foreign workers this time since only 10,000 workers were able to enter Japan before the start of the pandemic. 

Estrada is optimistic a lot of Filipinos will be hired because they are ready to enter and work in Japan.

"Let's anticipate once Japan opens its borders and allow the entry of foreign works, we are ready, our workers are ready to enter Japan," she added.

As of July 2021, the POLO logged around 277,409 Filipino workers in Japan.



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I wish to apply work in dream Country to have work and live in Japan

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