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Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Inspiring Police Life Story of PLTCOL KIMBERLY MOLITAS - PCADG Cordillera

Cordillera - Who would have thought that the first Philippine policewoman to complete a Fulbright scholarship as a Hubert Humphrey Fellow at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs was once a working student at a very young age?

Who would have thought that one of the “12 emerging leaders of Asia” by Asia Foundation, from among 650 entries coming from 53 countries was once a girl cleaning classrooms, restrooms, church etc. in exchange for a free tuition fee?

Who would have thought that the youngest to be named among the Ten Outstanding Policewomen of the Philippines was once working as a SK Chairman while studying in College before entering PNPA?

And who would have thought that one of the most Influential Women in Asia was once a janitress for five years?

She is our "Pulis Ko, Inspirasyon Ko" for this week, who was raised and grew up in the amazing and beautiful paradise of Kibungan which was dubbed as the "Switzerland of Benguet". She and her siblings grew up and surrounded by many individuals in their lives wherein they were also raised by pastors, missionaries and so many others in which she was thankful about. They were also raised by their parents with so much independence -they decided with their own and doing the things that they want.

During her teenage life, their parents always told them that the only best thing that they can provide for them is "education" wherein she believes that education truly made things possible for them especially on the profession, position, and life she is currently living. She also defines the word "richness" through the things that money cannot buy - friends, families, love from the people, peace of mind and respect.

Their parents also taught them to do a charity work wherein they are not allowed to kept clothes that they have outgrown (even if it is their favorite clothes☺️), they need to give it to someone else who needs it more than them, which they do until now - they do fundraisers for individuals who needs money or for families who needs help rebuilding their lives.

She is an empowered woman whose main goal is to empower police women not only in the Philippines but throughout Asia as well.

She also appeared on different TV Programs, including CNN on several occassions, surprising her hosts with near flawless english (just wow).

She is not a competitive person, she just happens to believe in things that she want it done.

She loves music and also do scuba diving.

She is not just a public servant but also a model (occassionally) for people that she work/ed with, in concepts of art and also for peace.

She believes that it is very important for every police officer to take on what they really love to do.

She always believes also that we are not supposed to be confined within the four corners of our organization because there are many beautiful things that any individual - a man and a woman can do for themselves and for others, not just by being a police officer.

She is certainly one of the bright spots of the PNP, an officer with a definite future ahead of her, and one definitely to ride the river with. -Jimmy Laking

She is PLTCOL KIMBERLY MOLITAS, a proud Igorota from Kibungan, Benguet.

Thoughts of Inspiration from PLTCOL MOLITAS:

"It is very important to love yourself and give time to yourself because we are human beings that get tired, get mentally drained and physically exhausted. It is also very important to give time for ourselves so that we can rebuild our thoughts and strengthened our resolved in fighting what is good, what is just and what is right for every Filipino in the country"

"Just keep moving on, keep educating yourself, do something out of the ordinary, do something out of the PNP mandate and do something for yourself".

source || PCADG Cordillera "Pulis Ko, Inspirasyon Ko"



Unknown said...

Wow. Congratulations! You are indeed an inspiration. God bless. Matagotago tako am-in. To God be the glory!

Anonymous said...

Incomplete information

Anonymous said...

Wow. Very inspiring!
Keep up the good work Kim.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations madam u have a very inspiring story ,a role model for our youth.keep up the good work.

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