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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Agriculture Secretary William Dar is now an “adopted son of the province of Kalinga"

Photo Courtesy || Da Car-Rafis
Cordillera - Department of Agriculture Secretary William Dar is now an "adopted son of the province of Kalinga," through Resolution 2020-180, signed of September 22, 2020. 

The provincial council of Kalinga has recognized the commendable service and achievements of Secretary Dar in leading the country towards sustainable food security and prosperous rural community. 

Dar was given a Kalinga name "Dulliyaw" which means brave, strong, and altruistic. 

Dulliyaw is a known to be the foremost hero of Kalinga mythology as expressed and sang in the Kalinga Ulalim. 

Dulliyaw is also a great leader of his people in time of peace and in time of war. 

He is also a great warrior, a thinking farmer and provider, a responsible steward of mother nature, a deeply religious man so close to the Kalinga god, Kabunian.

In the resolution, it says that the time-honored tradition in the province of Kalinga and in consonance with customary indigenous ethnic practices, personages who have singularly endeared themselves and contributed outstanding services to the people are accorded appropriate and fitting recognition. 

Sec. Dar is granted all the privileges of a son of the Province of Kalinga, including his protection under the umbrella of the Bodong (Peace Pact) Justice System/Institution.

source || DA Car-Rafis & William Dar FB


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