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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

DSWD Sec. Bautista admires the culture of Cordillera: "Hangga't kaya nila ay hindi sila nanghihingi"

Photo Courtesy || PIA-Cordillera
Cordillera - The secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, Rolando Bautista has admired the culture of Cordillera people for not asking help from the government while they can still sustain themselves. 
"Makikita talaga ang kultura ng Cordillera na hangga't kaya nila and hindi sila nanghihingi," Bautista said in a statement via PIA. 

He said that there are 50 out of 77 local government units in Cordillera that had not submitted request to be part on the so called waitlisted or left out. 

Bautista's statement is very true of the Cordillerans. Cordillerans have an inherent attitude to always prepare themselves for any extremely difficult situation and they don't complain

Here are 7 of the reasons why Cordillerans or Igorots could survive crisis without complaining as written by blogger Felisa Daskeo. 

1. Resilience - Igorots are perhaps one of the most resilient people. They have strong personalities that help them recover easily during times of crisis. They have the ability to adapt to any situation.

2. They live within their means. - Igorots don't practice extravagant life. They live in a simple lifestyle like their ancestors and content themselves with what they have. They are not fond of jewelry and other luxuries that are only embellishment and unnecessary in their daily life. Just because Juan has a new television means Pedro will also buy one. It is not what they were taught. If you don't have extra money to buy "luho", then be contented with what you have. 

3. They always think of others. - Igorots always think of others and are not selfish. They always think of the word, "Inayan sa." Greed of power and money is frowned upon by many Igorots. 

4. They always save for the rainy day. - Igorots aren't one day millionaires. They always think of the future. Their "agamang" rice granary is always full. So the rice supply could sustain them for a year or more. Farmers plant rice in the rice terraces only once a year. So they make sure they have enough rice supply before harvest seasons comes again. Igorots are heavy rice eaters because they work very hard to sustain themselves. They aren't used to charities from other people unless needed. In times of crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic, rice and salt is almost a luxury. 
5. They practice bayanihan religiously. Igorots practice bayanihan especially in times of calamities. The death of someone means every family in the community must share something to help the bereaved family. So the bereaved family will not be indebted, but they will have an extra budget for the pa-siyam and 40 days celebrations. They accomplish community projects in gratis, and you don't hear complaints. They do their duties and responsibilities for their community without complaining. 

6. They respect the authorities and abide by the laws. Igorots may not be that courteous. They don't have po and opo in their words. They don't practice the "Mano po". They don't always say, ma'am and sir. But in respecting authorities and laws, they need not be told what to do. They abide the laws and follow orders from authorities. This Covid-19 pandemic alerted the Igorots to practice the "Tee" or "Tengaw" which is the Igorot version of "Stay-at-Home. Te-e or Tengaw is an old tradition and practice where everyone must stay at home during a certain event.. The Igorots observe Te-e or Tengaw 100%. They always listen to the old man.

7. They are very practical. This part will surely surprise you. In the Cordillera Region, you cannot tell who is rich and who is not because even the rich aren't so showy about what they have. They wear simple clothes, but they have a mansion and a handsome car. Igorots will buy a nice car which is necessary but an LV bag worth Php100,000. He will build a mansion but do not expect him to buy that Rolex watch that is worth half million pesos. In short, they are very practical and they buy only what is necessary. So when you see an Igorot that resembles that beggar in Luneta Part, do not smirk and say, "kadiri". For all you know that Igorot is a millionaire who is just killing time while waiting for his daughter who is a doctor in one of the hospital's around and mind you, he is driving a Land Rover. 

These and more are some inherent characteristics of Igorots worth emulating that make them sustain themselves in times of calamities.

source || PIA Cordillera ||


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