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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Cong. Eric Yap submits House Bill No. 7011 to give free insurance to Cordilleran farmers

Cordillera- Farmers will no longer worry in the near future if they are at a big loss or if their  crops got destroyed due to natural calamities if the House Bill No. 7011 gets approved.
Congressman Eric Go Yap has seen the plight of Cordilleran farmers in times of calamities and have shown great concern by finding a better way to help all farmers including their farms. 

The Congressman  submitted the House Bill No. 7011 that aims to give free weather index-based agricultural insurance to all farmers. 

This House Bill, once approved, will insure all farmers to receive financial assistance from the government if their crops were destroyed by extreme changes in weather conditions or natural calamities.

As the Cordillera region is prone to such calamities, Yap has considered all farmers  through this bill he recently submitted.  

Through the said insurance, farmers will be able to easily recover from their financial losses brought by natural calamities like typhoons. This kind of insurance provided by the government will save farmers from big troubles or from developing anxiety due to their losses.

Farmers have been overlooked for a long time not realizing that they play a great role in keeping the country afloat because they feed the entire nation. Without these farmers, there will be food shortage and people will go hungry or worse starve to death.
Indeed, farming is not an easy job, yet farmers still choose to do the hard work for everyone's benefit.

It's about time  farmers' integrity be uplifted, their hardships and sacrifices acknowledged  and their source of income be fully supported  by the government in any way it can. After all,  these farmers are the ones who feed us all.



Unknown said...

thank you Congressman for such Bill if approved surely will help our dear fellow farmers. praying for the best outcome& the purpose it may serve. Godbless and we appreciate much all the endeavour you vested for us E-Benguet.

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