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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Canadian working in an airline wrote heartwarming message about the Igorots

Cordillera - After reading the uplifting comment of 'Becoming Filipino' vlogger by the name of 'Kulas' appreciating the toughness of the Igorots, a Canadian airliner worker Mr. Guy Beaulie couldn't help but share his heartwarming message to all Igorots. 
In his message, he expressed his admiration to the wonderful Igorots who, despite the fact that they are sometimes being discriminated by outsiders, they are very hospitable and humble people. 

Beaulie said that his 'Love, respect, and admiration' to the Igorots made him decide to build his house near Kabayan, Benguet.

Read his full message below: 
"Hey Kulas. I could not have said it better myself. I'm Canadian just like you and I traveled the world as I work for an airline. After visiting the Philippines and particularly the Cordilleras region and meeting the Igorots there, I must agree 100% with you. These people work so incredibly hard under incredibly harsh condition and they get so little of their labor. Yes, they are discriminated against by some but also admired by others like you and me and many others. I have, like you, taken the time to talk with them, eat with them, listen to them and live with them in their humble house. I ate their food. Danced their dances. Laughed with them, listen to them and cried with them. Yes they are shy. But once they get to know you they will open their arms and give you everything they can to make you feel welcome just like the Chilean people who also are similar to them.
I love the Cordilleras region and I LOVE, RESPECT, AND LOVE and ADMIRE what they do. So of all places, I decided to build a house in Benguet, in Besang close to Kabayan. I love it there. I love the peaceful people there. The children are so different than the children in Canada. The children who walk through mud, trails, mountains, rivers for hours in the rain and sometimes typhoon to go to school and back. No bus to take them there. Only the flip flops on their feet. But this is what makes strong people. People with character. People with values. People who appreciate what they have because they work so freakin hard to get it. So I'll live with them when I retire. I'll love them more this way and try to help them feel loved and appreciated. 
 Thank you Kulas for all your blogs about the Philippines. Becoming Philippino is indeed becoming kind, polite, respectful and loving. I hope to meet you in person one day and invite you to my house in Besang and meet my family there. Some are farmers and some are teachers, nurses, doctors and engineers. Yes some of them pursued their studies at the university in Baguio and became professionals at a cost that seems impossible to understand. I cried then and still cry now when I think about the sacrifices these people made to get where they are today. 
Filipinos, I can say with no hesitation, are the most polite and loving respectful and enduring people I have ever met. I decided to live with them because I love them and they love me. Keep doing what you are doing Kulas. I'll continue to watch you with them as you become Filipino, just like I am. God bless you. God bless the Philippines. God bless the Igorots.



Genoveva Haugen said...

Thank you for your appreciation about us igorots. I live in Canada,BC but I am a full blooded igorot, my late dad is from gonogon bontoc and my mom is from Karao bulod benguet and my grandfather,s roots is from Kabayan. It is really nicectgat you hzvexdecided to live there. Hope to meet you someday, we now live at Ambuklao Bokod Benguet. Thank you again.

Tetewa said...

thank you po.

Heidi said...

Thank you for your love to our country and most specially thank you for your love for us.....Igorot

Unknown said...

Wow thank you sir

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