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Friday, December 13, 2019

Cordilleran SEAG gold medalist Jason Baucas' Success Story

Photo Courtesy || Jason Baucas
Cordillera - This is the story of Igorot wrestler Jason Baucas who won the gold medal in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games Greco-Wrestling competition. 

Baucas was the only Filipino wrestler who successfully brought the country's first gold medal in wrestling. 

The 21-year old Igorot wrestler is a member of the Wrestling Federation of the Philippines. He graduated Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports from the Universidad de Manila. He traces his root in Nabalicong, Buguias, Benguet.

Here is his story:
"When I was young, I walked on a muddy and rocky road every day to school. I was okay with it because I really wanted to study. But after my graduation in elementary my mother told me to stop schooling for a while. She said we didn't have enough money during that time. I felt sad that day. At the store of my cousin where I helped out, he noticed I was unhappy. When he learned the reason why, he told me that if I really wanted to go to school that much he will be the one to support me first. In my second year, my parents were already able to provide for me. 
"I was introduced to wrestling in high school in 2011. At first, I was into boxing. But when I experienced wrestling, I like it right away. Wrestling is a sport where I use my bare hands, the strength of my body and will to prevail. Every time I wrestle, I feel inside me the power of my ancestors who fought bravely against those who wanted to take away our land and change our ways.

I had to go down to Manila the next day after my high school graduation to start my training as a member of the junior team of the Wrestling Federation of the Philippines. I am a 'product' of the Batang Pinoy 2012. In order for me to be able to train and study at the same time, I took a scholarship test given by the city of Manila to support myself. I passed and was accepted at the Universidad de Manila which is near the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex where I train and stay.
I miss home a lot. I miss hearing the gentle flow of the river, the whisper of the wind, and the singing birds. I miss seeing the tall tress on top of the majestic mountains, the green fields in the hillsides and the valleys where I used to play. I miss my beloved family.
I am glad that wrestling being one of the toughest and oldest of sports gave me the discipline to persevere. I have to make sacrifices for me to fulfill my dreams for myself and my family. I am also confident that through wrestling I will be able to keep my culture alive in honor of my noble forefathers who protected it for centuries."
By Jason Baucas via One People One Benguet 


Unknown said...

Congrats! Keep it up!!!you brought much honor and prestige to us Igorots..

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