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Monday, November 4, 2019

Tappiya Waterfalls in Ifugao is one of the world's best waterfalls - The Guardian

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Cordillera - The website listed Tappiya Falls in the Cordillera region as one of the 20 Best Waterfalls in the World. 

The Guardian's Readers's Travel Tips gathers and compiles some of the best travel destinations from around the world from travelers who have personally visited and experienced these places.

One the best travel destination they have listed is the Tappiya Falls.

World travelers include Tappiya falls to be among the best together with the Aguafraggia Falls in Italy, the Gawa waterfalls in Austria, Swartiffos in Iceland, Baatara Gorge waterfall in Lebanon, the Gocta waterfall in Peru, the Snoqualimie in the U.S., the Nachi waterfall in Japan and others.

Tappiya falls is located in the small village of Batad in the province of Ifugao. 

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Tourists who are looking for additional natural attraction to visit in Batad, apart from the stunning rice terraces can visit this waterfall. 

Traveler and Guardian contributor Laurence Britton wrote this description of the Tappiya Falls.

"In a valley of the Cordillera mountains, the journey to the Tappiya Falls involves making your way to the small village of Batad, among the Ifugao rice terraces, a Unesco world heritage site (390km north of Manila). Hiring a local guide costs between £8 - £16 to take you on a trek along the luscious green terraces carving along mountains before a 30-minute descent to the falls. Here, the water plummets 30 metres to a huge, refreshing pool to swim in and wash off the sweat from the hike. Tappiya's beauty isn't solely in the fall (stunning as they are), but the journey to get there: to the remote village, the phenomenal terraces, and the tricky descent." - Laurence Britton via

The waterfall can be visited throughout the year. It will take around 2 to 3 hours trek from Batad center down to the falls which can be found at the bottom of the terraces. 

Tourists can swim, rest for a while and take some photos and selfies with the beautiful scenery of the waterfall.


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