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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Baguio's new law prohibits using mobile phone while walking on sidewalks and crossing streets

Photo Courtesy || PTV Cordillera
Cordillera - A new law has been passed by the city government of Baguio to prohibit and regulate the use of mobile devices and other distractive devices and items while walking and crossing the streets and sidewalks anywhere in Baguio. 

The new Ordinance 49-2019 which takes effect following its publication aims to help in safeguarding pedestrian on the streets. 

The Ordinance is created because distracted walking is a major pedestrian safety concern, citing pedestrian getting worse each year.

The Philippine News Agency said that each year, more people get injured because of texting or listening to music while on their cellphones, unmindful of their surroundings. 

Violators of this said Ordinance will face a maximum penalty of 2,500 pesos and community service or 11 to 30 days imprisonment on the fourth and succeeding offenses.

"Distracted driving is a deep-rooted problem that many cities and provinces in the country have prohibited the use of technology, especially cellphone while driving. However, the problem of distracted walking is a relatively new one but an emerging cause of numerous road accidents." Scout Official for a Day (SOFAD) Councilor Eriko Coscoluela said. 

Ericko Coscoluela is the original author of the said law who wrote the proposal last year. 


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