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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Getting to know Igorot Roque Daligan Belino of "Idol Philippines"

Mt. Province- Roque Daligan Belino, a local talent of Besao and Tadian Mt. Province joins national singing competition in the local T.V. show, "Idol Philippines."
The 20-year old singer found his passion in music and the outpouring support from everyone especially his "kailyans" even those from abroad motivated him more to pursue his love in singing and join the national competition level.

The humble and young singer Belino was overwhelmed  to continually receive unexpected popularity when he joined Idol Philippines and personally witnessed the unending support that Igorots  generously offer to their fellows. It is indeed one of the traits that identify Igorots. 

"Giving support, be it in kind, physical and moral is like a normal thing to us Igorots. It is like a reflex because we do it automatically whenever we see fellow Igorots excelling in their respective fields," Belino said via an interview by the Mountain Province Provincial Information Office.

Belino lived in Mt. Province for seven years then relocated to Quezon, Isabela with his family. Even so, he  was still attached to his roots as he lived in a community with friends and relatives who were mostly from Mt. Province just the same. 

Growing up with a usual Igorot childhood, he was acculturated with the rich heritage and tradition like wearing the "wanes" by himself, playing and dancing with the beat of  "gangsa", and being raised with the moral values not to mention the principles of "lawa" and "inayan."

He discovered his passion for music earlier in his High School years while helping his fellow students play the bandoria. He then took Agricultural Engineering at Benguet State University in La Trinidad Benguet as a self-supporting student working as a miner.  

He shared that he eventually stopped attending college to work full time but if given the chance, he wants to finish a degree.  He is a miner by day and play few gigs at night in Baguio City until opportunity stepped in through the competition. 

According to Belino, he was inspired by the many Igorot talents he worked with and other musicians he saw playing around Baguio. 

Witnessing such potentials and being a fan of many talented people from Cordillera, he also hopes that more of them will be discovered and be featured as well.

Belino wishes to extend his gratitude for the full support that he receives from everyone. He also encourage the youth to continue working hard and not give up in pursuing their dreams till making it a reality.

Source || BBKM- MPPIO FB

Watch Belino's message here below:



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