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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Fearless and courageous young Igorota girl saves a child from an evil molester

Reposted from Cheryl L. Daytec-Yangot FB post

A few hours  ago, JM Madinno rode a jeepney from La Trinidad to Baguio. She noticed that an adult was molesting a child, a girl, who was leaning on him. Secretly, JM took a video recording. She and her friends went to Burnham Park and saw the same man with same child. His one arm was wrapped around the child whose attention was glued to a phone. Meanwhile, his other hand was moving on the child's privates. JM took pictures. 

JM reported the matter to the police. She also uploaded on the Baguio Sumbungan Forum FB Group the video and pictures she took. Within hours, the child molester, a chess/damath coach, was apprehended by the police. The child is one of the kids he has been coaching. 

If we all try to be JM OLSIM MADINNO who, even if very young, courageously made a stand against evil, we can make the world a safe place for our children and everyone. The government has interagency committees to end sexual exploitation of children. One challenge is how to get everyone to be a JM whose concern went beyond herself to an innocent stranger. 

I have to further commend JM because she took extra care to protect the privacy of the girl-child by blurring the latter's face in the pictures. 

Let us all try to be a JM. She embraces the pain of others as hers. She teachers us not lose hope in humanity. Hers should be the face of that humanity. 

We apologize to JM for the public bashing she got. She should have reported the matter to the police, bashers say. Geez, she did that. JM should not have blurred the victim's face, so people could identify her, bashers say. Ha??

Thankfully, JM is cut above all of us. Even if herself a child, she knew exactly what to do. There were adults in that jeepney. Some of them must have seen what this girl of tender years saw and found not right. But who made a stand? Who stood up?

The police say JM was afraid and confused as to what to do about what she witnessed. But in the end, she rose above her fears and did what no adult in that jeepney she fortuitously took did. That is courage. It is not being fearless: it is rising above one's fear to do the right thing even at great peril to oneself.



Kris Doven Buhong said...

JM is my fellow aplicant for fire officer 1 here in calamba laguna. Kudos mate! Good job

Destiny miles said...

Good job JM God bless

Unknown said...

Well done ! More blessings to come

Gee Gee said...

Brave young lady! God bless!

Unknown said...

good girl πŸ€—πŸ€—proud to be an igorot 😍

Unknown said...


Ohan zee said...

I salute you..

Mhaeca said...

I say "I SALUTE YOU JM" for your courage..I'm proud of you batch����

Juraizen said...

Proud of you brave girl... God bless you.

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