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Thursday, January 24, 2019

How to avail PHP100,000 Centenarian CASH Gift for your Lolos and Lolas who reached 100 years old

Cordillera - If you have grandparents who are nearly reaching 100 years of age then it is time for you to help them prepare needed documents for them to avail of the cash incentives provided by the government of the Philippines to any Filipino who have reach the age of 100. 

Under Republic Act 10868, all Filipinos who reach the age of 100 will receive cash gift worth PHP100,000 and a letter of felicitation from the President of the Philippines, whether they are residing in the country or abroad. 

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Aside from that, they will also be awarded with a plaque of recognition and additional cash gift from their respective city or municipality, to be determined by the local government.

How can a centenarian avail of the cash gift?

According the guidelines set forth by the Department of Social Welfare and Development or DSWD, a centenarian who wish to avail of the incentives must present his or her birth certificate or Philippine passport for verification of the C/MSWDO and OSCA. If said documents are not available, the centenarian may present his or her senior citizen's identification card (ID) or any other Philippine-issued ID which shows his or her citizenship and date of birth.

If all of the above mentioned documents and IDs are not available, they can present a marriage certificate, old school documents, baptismal or confirmation records and birth certificate of children. 

In the event that your lolo or lola has no written documents or papers to show, they can make an affidavit executed by at least two (2) disinterested persons at least 80 years old with personal knowledge of the centenarian's actual age or date of birth.

When all the required documents or affidavit are complete, the immediate families or relatives of the centenarian can submit them at the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO). The MSWDO will verify to ensure that all the necessary documents are complete and will provide technical support and guidance in what to do next. 

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The process usually takes time for the MSWDO to finish after which they will forward the verified documents to the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer for review and referral at the DSWD-Regional Office. The DSWD will also undertake continuous monitoring of the identification of beneficiaries and disbursement of funds. 

Once verified, the incentives will be released to the centenarian on the first Sunday of October or during the actual 100th birthday of the beneficiary, according to DSWD. 

source || DSWD.



jean jugs said...

Hello poh ano poh ba requirement to avail that said gift from my lola cos she is now 102 but we already process but they are asking us alot of document pls guide us to grant our request

Anonymous said...

For centenarian abroad,after filling out the form for the Consulate in Toronto and submitting with photo ID of the applicant, what happens next? Do the get the grant later at the Consulate?

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