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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

We Love Baguio as Much as you do: A Friendly Message To Tourists Visiting Baguio

Photo Courtesy || DOT Cordilleras
We know for a fact that there are a lot of reasons to visit Baguio City. Aside from its chilly weather, you can enjoy the parks and pine trees, the ukay-ukay or pre-loved shops in Session Road, the food, and of course the strawberries, from strawberry picking to strawberry taho (soya), strawberry ice cream and to strawberry jam! And not the least, the Ube Jam at Good Shepherd and more! As the city progresses and grow, a lot of tourists drove at the city every year that makes the city one of the top tourist destinations in the country.

HOWEVER, as the tourist continues to deluge, the challenge starts arising. When a city becomes a tourist destination, it could be good and hurtful at once. It’s good due to economic benefits, and hurtful since perhaps we can damage the place. How?

Generally speaking, traffic is getting worse. Yes, the traffic is jammed! Baguio City has become a blockbuster hit when it comes to the long lines of vehicles. 

And if you went to Baguio years ago, the trip is different even without the SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway) or TPLEX (Tarlac-Pangasinan Expressway) the travel time is extended, but you will never get stuck in traffic. 

Like, what a lot of people complaining about today. This shows how bad the traffic congestion within the city. Also people rushing around the city streets looked like ants running in the subways of an ant farm.

Then the garbage, this is the worse part. Baguio City is overwhelmed with mountains of rubbish. Litter is everywhere. Garbage bins are overflowing with trash. Could it this be really worse? Yes, it is! Compared to the Baguio City we knew before. Fresh and clean.

We cannot just blame tourist for these problems definitely residents are responsible too. Though it is fair to say that tourist have big contribution especially on holidays and during peak seasons.

With this letter for our tourists who have plans to visit Baguio City, may this serves as a friendly reminder that we people have to be very responsible in preserving Baguio city or any other tourist spots we visit. We take something beautiful from nature in return we must take care of the nature. Isn’t it nice to see that our future children will be able to enjoy or experience the same beautiful place we enjoyed?

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Since traffic is jammed. I recommend for tourist not to bring their car as much as possible. This would greatly reduce the number of cars along the narrow roads of Baguio thus avoiding the change of traffic congestion to happen. Instead use public transport and enjoy travelling Baguio with others 

However, if you can’t take riding a bus and it really is convenient for you to bring a car my suggestion would be yes bring it. But to avoid being stuck and get frustrated in the streets of Baguio because your time has been wasted waiting for the traffic to move, park your car in your hotel and enjoy sightseeing on foot. Walking is the best option you got to roam around Baguio City. You will really appreciate and feel the chills when you are walking. Rather in a car stuck in traffic.

You will save your time going around the Baguio City. Not just your time, you can save gas too! And with that, you were able to help to lessen the traffic and pollution. And at the same time, you will love the city vibes of Baguio.

And the trash, please, Baguio City is not a dump site for garbage. It is a tourist destination for people. Aren’t you disappointed seeing trashes everywhere?

There are garbage bin everywhere, but it is not enough to accommodate all the trashes produced by the thousands of people in Baguio City. Little things make a difference. If you see the bin is overfull, have an initiative to dispose it properly not around or near the full trash bin. Our advice is better take your garbage with you and dispose them at home or in your hotel.

Have you ever imagined walking in a Burnham park or at the streets of Baguio rubbish free? It feels good, right? Why not make it that way?

Let’s discipline ourselves everywhere please do practice it not just inside your homes. Treat not just the Baguio City but in every place you are going to make it clean and green.

These things aren’t too much to ask. Let’s help Baguio City maintain is clean surrounding and relaxing atmosphere. Thank you!

Enjoy your stay in Baguio City – The City of Pines. Merry Christmas! Have a blast!

Contributed by Jean Sams


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