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Monday, December 3, 2018

Igorot lady officer returns P40,000 lost cash belonging to a senior citizen

Photo Courtesy || Pnp Cordillera
Cordillera - A female officer from the Police Regional Office Cordillera (PRO-COR) had returned a lost sling bag containing over P40,000 cash to a senior citizen, according to Pnp Cordillera.

According to Chief Inspector Thrislyn Sagpaey, she found the sling bag in front of the Health 101 Restaurant in KM. 6, La Trinidad, Benguet when she was about to enter the place. 

Sagpaey tried her best to locate the owner of the bag but she couldn't find the owner so she opened the bag and found P39,958.75 cash, an eyeglass, two pens and cellphone which she later used to call the son and told him they can claimed the lost sling bag from her. 

The owner of the bag is George Walsiyen, 78-year old from Betag La Trinidad, Benguet. He said, he lost his sling bag on November 27 when he went out to pay his taxes.

Informed that his sling bag has been found, he went to the Regional Operation Plans Division to claim it. 

He offered a cash reward to Sagpaey who found the bag but the officer refused to accept it. 

Sagpaey said, the feeling of happiness from the statement of the owner saying "Thank You, I hope you will be successful in life" is more valuable.

Delighted over the honest female officer, PRO-COR took pride of Sagpaey and commended her for her deed.

"The act of Sagpa-ey is indeed one of the many Philippine National Police's good deeds that need to be shared and emulated by all. We commend the rightful deed of an honest cop and we hope that said good deed will inspire other personnel to do the same given the situation," PRO-COR Director Rolando Nana," said in a statement via Sunstar.

source || Pnp Cordillera



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