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Friday, December 14, 2018

Foreign vlogger experiences the best Cordilleran hospitality from a family in Sagada

Photo Courtesy || Fearless and Far
Cordillera - When it comes to pure and warm treatment of visitors either a local or foreigner, Filipino hospitality is something we like to take pride in. From the moment you step off the plane Filipinos will give you a warm welcome and a beautiful smile. Which already gives you a feeling of being at home even though you are in another country. This trait has become a culture in the Philippines and has been praised all around the world.

Although the Philippines is composed of many islands with people of different tribes and tongues and cultures, Filipino hospitality can be experienced anywhere and everywhere. Even from the highest peak of the mountain and in the deepest sea. They all know how to treat their guest properly. They will offer to show you around, invite you to their house and eat with them.

And by saying this I want to give out a perfect example, in the municipality of Sagada a tribe that is also well known for their unique hospitality, the Igorots. They are warm-hearted people and very hospitable. 

Actually, there was one foreign vlogger who  wanted to try the authentic delicacy around the town of Sagada and one of the locals he met became his guide. Since he likes to try the local food, he was invited by his guide to attend his 4 year-old son's birthday party.

The family welcomed him. He was shown various kinds of authentic Igorot food such as dinardaraan, etag and pinikpikan. The vlogger enjoyed the warm welcome and the hospitality of the entire family. For him there was no time of dull moment because everyone in the family wanted to talk to him. 

He said that “Looking at this plate I could tell I was far, far from home and it made me happy.”
As he spent a lot of his time waiting and hanging out around the place, and showing their culture he experienced a real travel experience.

“I’m happy. I’m here I’m happy I got the invitation and I’m happy I’m having a real travel experience.” With a simple invitation shows true meaning of hospitality. Making someone feel that once they are part of our culture and community regardless whoever it is.

“I love the most about the travel hanging out with someone who is from here with their family with their friends drinking local drinks maybe a little too much but having a good time eating food and feeling like I’m a part of the community.”



Unknown said...

wow...good for you to have a taste of our native and traditional dish

Unknown said...

An experience you will treasure I suppose when you go back home. You can appreciate more what you got in the west. Although it's a third world country, their is a lot to from it. Well done tasting our authentic menu.��

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