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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Miss Philippines Dona Marie Balaoro from Cordillera wins 1st Runner Up in Miss Lumiere International World 2018

Photo Courtesy: Abra Province FB
Cordillera - A young beauty queen from Abra was crowned 1st Runner Up in the recently concluded Miss Lumiere International World 2018 which was held in Johor Bahru, Malaysia on November 10.

Donna Marie Jan Saludez Balaoro, 25-year-old, who represented the Philippines in the pageant was crowned 1st runner up in the contest. 

Balaoro lives in Trece Martires, Cavite but a native of Barangay Patucanay, Bangued Abra, according to a post from Abra Province official Facebook page. 

Although she wasn't lucky to get the most coveted crown, Balaoro was very proud that she was able to represent her country in the beauty pageant. 

"I am proud to represent my country and to tell the world that I am adopted and raised by a member of the LGBTQIA community - a lesbian. I was raised by my 'amma' to be strong, faithful woman," Balaoro said during an interview. 
Photo Courtesy: Abra Province

The beauty queen from Abra studied at the Lyceum of the Philippines University and graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in International Travel Tourism Management.

Mis Belgium Olivia Talaronek was crowned Miss Lumiere International World 2018. Other winners were Sri Langka - 2nd runner-up; Zambia, - 3rd runner-up and India - 4th runner-up. 

Miss Lumiere International world is a beauty pageant for luminous woman who cultivates a core peace and self awareness. It develops women to rest confidently in their own original essence  so that they can appreciate the gifts and beauty of others without the sense that they diminish her in some way. 


Monday, November 12, 2018

Bontoc municipality bags highest award for good governance in 2018

Photo Courtesy: Municipality of Bontoc FB
Cordillera - The local government of Bontoc, Mountain Province received the 2018 National Seal of Good Governance (SGLG) during the Awarding Ceremony held at Manila Hotel on November 6, 2018. 

The SGLG is one of the highest recognition awards given by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) to LGU which recorded exemplary performance in government service. 

For the record, Bontoc is the only municipality in Mountain Province, and one among the only seven Local Government Units (LGU) in Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) that received the award.

Among the awardees in the Cordillera region are the municipality of Bucay, Dolores, Penarrubia, La Paz, San Juan and Tubo, which all from the province of Abra.

Bontoc successfully passed the seven required core areas to include financial administration, disaster preparedness, social protection, peace and order; business-friendliness and competitiveness, environmental management, and tourism, culture and the arts.

As a reward, Bontoc received the 2018 National SGLG Awardee marker and is entitled to the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) in the amount of P3.2 Million which is allotted by the national goverment to the LGU-SGLG recipients for funding projects.

Bontoc Mayor Franklin Odsey personally received the award and expressed his gratitude to everyone and credited the award to all the employees of Bontoc LGU and partner agencies who worked together to achieved their goal.

"All our efforts have paid off. This award is for all of us. The municipal government cannot claim full credit for passing the SGLG national assessment. This success is due to the concerted efforts of all stakeholders," Odsey said. 

source || Municipality of Bontoc FB

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Filipina student proudly performed IFUGAO dance with a twist to international students in Taiwan

Photo screen grab: Imelda de Guzman YT
Cordillera - A Filipina student in Taiwan had shown and proven that the traditional dance popular in the north of the Philippines can be blended with modern hip-hop music.

Emelda de Guzman, with an Ifugao descent, proudly represented her tribe and country when she performed the Ifugao traditional dance in front of several foreign students during the 2018 Foreign Students Chinese Public Speaking Competition at the National Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei Taiwan.

In her performance, Guzman was dressed in her traditional colorful "tapis". She started her dance with a the usual slow and graceful movements with the traditional Ifugao song. After 2 minutes mark, the crowd in attendance begin to rap with a hip-hop beat, according to

Guzman has nothing to do with the more louder music but to changed her tempo to match the hip-hop beat but still performing the Ifugao dance move.

The audience in the hall, who are mostly her fellow students, clapped to the beat and cheered Guzman until the end of her performance.

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During an interview, Guzman said the event was an opportunity for her to represent her country. She competed with more that 60 students from 14 different countries in the 46th edition of the annual competition.

Guzman is a student currently taking a Chinese language course at National Chenchi University and has been living in Taiwan for 15 months.

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Watch Guzman's performance below


Cordilleran soldier Pvt. Louis Dulawan promoted PSG Officer donned by President Duterte

Photo Courtesy: RTVM YT channel
Cordillera - Sixteen police and military personnel have been promoted Presidential Security Group (PSG) officer on November 10, 2018 at the PSG Quarters, Tactical Operations Group XI in Davao City. 

Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte administered the donning of ranks to the sixteen police and military personnel. 

Private Louis Dulawan  is a Cordilleran from Tinoc, Ifugao. He was among the lucky member of the armed forces to be promoted officer of the PSG. 

The PSG is the lead agency tasked with providing security to the President of the Philippines, the Vice President and their immediate families. The PSG is stationed at the Malacanang Palace.


Other member who were promoted officers are:

Cpt, Marcialito Escudero, 
Cpt. Robert Salvan, 
Cpt, Rocky Migrino, 
1Lt. John Michael Jamero, 
SSg. Rolando Timog, 
Ruel Barruga, 
SSg, Jerwin Nation, 
Sgt. Charlie Palicas, 
Sgt. Michael Costales, 
Cpl, Marlon Ypil, 
Cpl. Brian Balatero, 
Cpl. Raffey Lagrimas, 
PFC Salvador Elbo, 
Pvt. Edward Berion, 

Watch the Video below:


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Honest Baguio cab driver returns iPhone and Laptop left from his taxi to owner

Photo Courtesy: Xania Gerardo FB
Baguio City - There have been countless of stories we heard about honest cab drivers around Baguio with regards to returning valuable items left inside their taxi.

Here is another true experience shared by Xania Gerardo on Facebook. She posted that her friend who lost her iPhone and Laptop was able to claim them after they were returned by the honest cab driver.

"Kuya Cleto of Kian Jay Taxi returned the Laptop and iPhone of my friend Krista this morning, November 10, 2018," Gerardo wrote in her FB account.

She is hoping that Mr. Cleto will be recognized by the city government for his exemplary deed because he is an excellent model to follow by all PUV drivers.

"Such manifestation of a Good Deed is worth emulating. Hope the City Government will recognize this Honest and Loving Father and Husband of our Beloved City. The pride of Baguio - Honest Taxi Drivers. Naway Pagpalain pa po Kau at Mabuhay po kaung Lahat," she added.

Screenshot from Xania Gerardo FB

Taxi drivers in Baguio are known to be honest and trustworthy. Many of them are now making rounds of appreciation on social media for returning items accidentally left by passengers inside their car.

Some of them even go the distance and make an extra effort to locate the owner as much as they can do because they knew these lost properties are important to the owner.

Sharing stories of this kind of good deeds by Baguio cab drivers on social media is a good thing. Recognizing and appreciating them will motivate others to do the same.



Abranean assumes new role as Man of the Philippines-UEA 2018

Photo Courtesy:
Cordillera - Abra native Phiem Alcade has taken a new role as Man of the Philippines-UAE 2018 according to

2018Alcalde said that he is excited to assume role as the new Man of the Philippines-UAE after the resignation of Ian Giron, who was the original title holder, due to conflicts in his work schedule.

Alcalde was first runner-up in the pageant held in Dubai in September but will now represent the Filipino community in the UAE in the grand pageant of Man of the Philippines in Manila in late November.

The 25 years old Alcalde and a native of Abra impressed the judges during the September finals when he chose to represent his home province with his native Abra attire in the creative national costume category.

Having  mixed emotions in taking on the title, “I feel overwhelmed and pressured at the same time because I need to prepare physically and mentally, with just a few weeks to go,” Alcalde said while talking with

“Having the crown means greater responsibilities so I need to push myself to be better than the Phiem who was first runner up,” he added.

Alcalde is working as a maintenance coordinator in Dubai, and said that he has lots of things to do in such a limited time but “I am preparing myself 200 percent now because I only have a limited time. I need to prepare my body and mentally because I’m still new to the pageant world and I will be competing against veterans in the field,” he said.

Alcalde is determined to continue to use his position as Man of the Philippines-UAE to promote healthy living among Filipino expatriates in the UAE win or lose.

“I plan to promote healthy living as I always do, but now I need to push harder because I will not only be reaching out to friends but to Filipinos in the UAE who are suffering from body shaming, which leads to depression. I want to promote healthy living for the body and mind,” he said

source ||

Friday, November 9, 2018

WATCH: Full Fight - Kevin Belingon defeats Bibiano, become undisputed World Bantamweight Champion

Photo Courtesy: One Championship
Baguio City - Team Lakay's knockout artist and reigning Interim Bantamweight World Champion Kevin "The Silencer" Belingon had what he wished for in his mixed martial career - defeating Bibiano Fernandes and proving he is the true champion.

The fight between the two was intense as both fighters were focused and determined on delivering their ultimate goal - to win.

While Fernandes dominates Belingon in the ground game, Belingon was able to escaped and survived. It was in the standing position that Belingon able to hit hard Fernandes by unloading arsenal of punches and kicks.

Belingon unleashed his power-back-spinning kick to the lower abdomen of Bibiano and knocked him down in the 4th round. 

He just stopped the most dominant undefeated Fernandez who in their past bout defeated him via kimura lock submission in the first round.

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The judges favored the warrior from Ifugao and declared the undisputed World Bantamweight Champion. 

Belingon's victory last night has made him one of the most exciting fighter in One Championship and cemented his legacy in the promotion just like his fellow Team Lakay teammate Eduard Folayang and Geje Eustaquio.

Kevin just made history last night and crowned the new undisputed World Bantamweight Champion. He had improved his record with 20 wins and 5 loses.


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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Honest man from Mt. Province returns cash he found at Natonin Landslide Ground Zero

Photo Credit: Lyn Kiswong Afig
Cordillera - An  honest man from Mountain Province returns money worth 112,000 pesos he found at the Natonin landslide during the retrieval operation of victims caused by typhoon Rosita. 

Benigno Sayaan Kiswong, a residence of Natonin who volunteered along with policemen, army personnel and government officials in the retrieval operation found the cash and turned it over  to authorities for safekeeping.

In a Facebook post by Lyn Kiswong Afig, daugther of Mr. Kiswong she expressed her praises and appreciation of her's fathers's noble act. 

"God fearing, honest and trustworthy. I'm proud of you daddy Benigno Sayaan Kiswong," Afig wrote.

"Siya po ay isang nakatulong sa landslide sa Natonin, Paracelis, Mt. Province. Siya po ay nakahanap ng malaling halaga ng pera, worth 112K. I'm proud of you daddy. God be with you and God bless always," she added.
Mr. Kiswong was said to be among those who volunteer their time and energy to help in the retrieval operation of the victims of typhoon Rosita. 

In desperate times when money is involved, people tend to compromise or do unwise decisions then worry about the consequence later. Mr. Kiswong however, prove that in life, money is not everything. He is indeed a God fearing, honest and trustworthy man who believes on the "You don't keep what's not yours" principle.

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At least 15 people were killed in three regions in Luzon, including nine in Natonin. 26 people are still reported missing in the town.


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Students in Abra use coconut husk as an alternative emergency headgear during earthquake

Photo Courtesy:
Cordillera - Students in Luba Central School, Abra displayed creativity by using coconut husk as headgear during a nationwide simultaneous earthquake drill on October 5, 2018. 

Instead of the usual things most students used to cover their heads during drills like bags or books, students in Luba used coconuts. 

According to Division Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Coordinator Jun Florencio Rifareal Jr. he introduced the use of indigenous material as a protective gear as part of the Emergency Equipment Project of the Department of Education. 

Photo Courtesy:

Coconuts are renowned for their hard shells, which is a characteristics that could help protect the head against falling materials during an earthquake event. 

Scientists and construction engineers are now studying the use of coconut materials in designing buildings that can withstand earthquakes and other natural calamities. 

Knowing this coconut protective quality, the school principal collaborated with the parents of the students to produce this environment-friendly headgear which is capable of protecting the most vital part of the body, the head during disasters, according to
Photo Courtesy:

Each student is now required to bring their own coconut headgear to be placed at the School DRRM Center or under their desk.


Baguio City to be closed for visitors a FAKE NEWS - Domogan

Cordillera - Baguio city mayor Mauricio Domogan clarifies on Tuesday about a news circulating that allegedly Baguio City will be closed to tourists like what happened in Boracay.

Domogan posted in his official FB page informing the public regarding the news and he said it was a fake news.

"Please be informed that it is not true that Baguio City is going to be closed for visitors and to us residents," the mayor said.

A recent discussions among netizens in social media talks about the possibility of the city to undergo rehabilitation just what happened in Boracay.

The mayor reiterated that they did not received any order or directive that the government will close Baguio.

"There are a lot of going around news saying that Baguio City is going to be closed like what they had done in Boracay. We did not received any notice from that matter," he added.

But the mayor explained that Baguio City is not like Boracay and although it has many environmental concerns they are working on it.

Domogan said he was alarmed when he was approached by some members of the Korean community living in the city asking if it's true that Baguio will be closed.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) issued a statement of last month that they are not keen on closing the city.

DENR Secretary Roy Cimatu in a press conference, said "Baguio is still Baguio, pupuntahan pa rin kayo ng mga tao (people will still visit your city").

Cimatu pointed some of the problems about Baguio but he said the local government unit is capable of addressing them.

"Pag akyat mo sa Baguio, kita mo na talaga maraming buildings na nakalagay sa no build zone, maraming areas na hindi masyado ang sewerage system, yung inyo yatang basura dinadala pa sa Tarlac, so these are the things na pwedeng maayos." Cimatu said.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Numbeo: Baguio ranked 6th Safest City in Southeast Asia

Cordillera - The city of Baguio has ranked the 6th safest city in Southeast Asia in 2018 according to Numbeo.

Numbeo, the world's largest crowd-sourced database firm has made the ranking based from data gathered from consumer price to perceived crime rates and quality health care.

Baguio ranked sixth among the Safest Cities in Southeast Asia with a record of 58.38 safety index.

On Monday, the city government of Baguio honored outgoing Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) director, Senior Supt. Ramil Sacules for his selfless dedication and tireless efforts in placing Baguio on the list, according to PNA website. 

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Mayor Mauricio Domogan has also recognized the accomplishment of the former BCPO chief. 

"I hope that the outgoing city director continues to climb the ladder of success. his accomplishment are not only an honor for me, but for the city," Domogan said.

Aside from Baguio, there were other four cities of the Philippines that have been included in the list. 

These are:

2nd Place: Valenzuela City - 74.79 Safety Index

4th Place: Davao City - 71.21 Safety Index

5th Place: Makati City - 60.44 Safety Index

8th Place: Cebu City - 55.72 Safery Index. 

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Eduard Folayang nominated Martial Arts Hero of the Year for the Global Martial Arts Award 2018

Photo Courtesy || Coach Mark Sangiao FB || One Championship
Baguio City - Team Lakay's Eduard Folayang among other world athlete were nominated Martial Arts Hero of the Year for the Global Martial Arts Award 2018. 

The awarding is scheduled to take place in Singapore on November 8 at the JW Marriott Hotel, South Beach. The award will recognize superstar, athletes, gifted coaches, innovative leaders and media personalities that have left an indelible mark on the competitive world of martial arts in the past year. 

The award gives honor and credits to outstanding individuals in 16 different categories who played a vital roles in contributing to the growth and influence of martial arts around globe.

Folayang along with Singapore Angela Lee, Myanmar Aung La N Sang, Daniel Cormier, Henry Cejudo, Martin Nguyen and Tenshin Nasukan will be honored in the Martial Arts Hero of the Year category.

Both Kevin Belingon and Joshua Pacio who trained under Team Lakay were nominated in the Male Ahtlete of the Year category.

Belingon was also nominated in the Breakthrough Athlete of the Year category due to his incredible performance in his past fights leading to a rematch against Bibiano Fernandez. 

Joshua Pacio's fight against Pongsiri Mitsatit of Thailand, where he submitted his opponent with his "Passion lock" was among the seven fights nominated in the Submission of the Year category. 

The Global Martial Arts Award 2018 also recognized the place where athletes train to become exemplary and the coach who trains them

Team Lakay Gym in Cordillera was among the nominated Gym of the Year and Mark Sangiao was nominated Coach of the Year. 

President Duterte to visit victims of Typhoon Rosita in Mt. Province

Photo Courtesy: PNA
Cordillera - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is set to visit the victims of Typhoon Rosita in Mt. Province according to his former aide Bong Go. 

According to Bong Go, Duterte's trip was scheduled on November 1 but was halted due to road damages which is impassable right now. 

"Susubukan naming pasukin subalit based on the assessment at advance team na pumunta doon ay hindi talaga accesible yung roads ( We will try to enter, but based on the assessment and the advance team who went there, the roads are impassable)," Go said during an interview in Manila.

"Not passable at talagang gumuho 'yung daan patungo doon at even the landing site pa ay mahihirapan dumaan 'yung ating Pangulo ( It's impassable and the road towards the area already collapsed, it's also difficult on the landing site," he added. 

It can be recalled that President Duterte met with the families of some of the victims of typhoon Ompong in September and offered cash assistance and goods.

The Mountain Province Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office said that all three buildings of a DPWH compound located in Natonin town in Moutain Province were buried in the landslide during the onslaught of typhoon Rosita. 

Rescue and retrieval operations started yesterday (Wednesday) morning and 10 bodies were recovered and 14 people were so far rescued as of 4 pm yesterday. 

It was learned that most of the victims were construction workers of the DPWH building that sought refuge during the typhoon. 

Initial reports said around 31 people, most of them are laborers, one project engineer, two to three security guards and six to seven evacuees were in the DPWH building when the landslide occurred. 


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