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Sunday, January 8, 2023

Look: Carved Wood Dog Coffin in Ifugao

Photo Courtesy || YouLike Cordillera PH

Cordillera - An Ifugao man, inspired by his father's love for dogs, wanted to do something special to honor him. 

After much contemplation, he decided to commission an Ifugao artist to carve a wooden dog coffin as a tribute to his father's fondness for canines. 

The result was a stunning and intricate piece, with every detail carefully crafted to reflect Ama Binwag's love for dogs.

In addition to the wooden dog coffin, the man also decided to construct a horse-shaped burial tomb to pay homage to his father's passion for horses. 

Both the coffin and the tomb were true works of art, showcasing the exceptional carving skills and creativity of the Ifugao people.

The Ifugao people are an indigenous group from the mountains of Northern Luzon in the Philippines. They are known for their skilled woodcarving, an important part of their cultural heritage.

Ifugao woodcarvers are skilled in creating a wide range of objects including decorative pieces, household items, and ritual objects. One of their most famous creations is the "hagabi," a large wooden bench that serves as a throne for tribal leaders and is highly prized for its intricate carvings.

The Ifugao also carve wooden rice granaries, known as "pala'o," which are used to store and protect the rice that is central to their way of life. These granaries are often decorated with complex carvings and are considered works of art.

The Ifugao woodcarvers use a variety of tools, including adzes, chisels, and knives to create their intricate and detailed carvings. The process is labor-intensive and requires a great deal of skill and patience.

The woodcarving tradition of the Ifugaos is an important part of their culture and is passed down from generation to generation. It is a testament to their creativity, ingenuity, and artistic skills.



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