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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Original Igorot gospel song played beautifully at United Kingdom Cathedral

Cordillera - A hymn composed by Cordilleran artist from Bontoc was sung beautifully by a European choral groups during the closing service of the 15th Lambeth Conference at Cantebury Cathedral, Mother Church of the Worldwide Anglican in Communion, England. 

The hymn "Nay Chawatem ay Apo" which mean "Here, Accept This, O Lord" was composed by Felix Khensay and music by Rev. Daniel Carino has been played for the second time Internationally.


Nay chawatem ay Apo,
La-yad mi ay likhalo,
Ala-em nan micho-o ,
E-lot ay Mo id toncho.
Awak na ay cha-lana a
Anak mo ay Chiyos Ama,
Wed-wechay I cho-o mi
kensik-ay Apo Chios mi
Icho-o mi ay Apo
Awak mi ya leng-ag mi
En mi akhes I cho-o
Semek mi ya fa-chang mi
Ama bo-mendisyon ka
Ta komekedse ka mi
Nan afolot min sik-a
I che ne I fikas mi
Fiyag mi nay icho-o mi
Tokho-ngam et chakami
Chad-a-ma nan layad mi
Ken sik-ay Apo Chios mi
Chenggem lualo mi Apo
Micho-on sik-ad tong-cho
Seg-ang mo em icho-wa
Isnan men-layad ken sik-a



Anonymous said...

That was a very beautiful rendition of the Cordillera song by foreigners. Bravo.

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