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Sunday, August 14, 2022

LOOK: Giant cat fish caught at Burnham Park lake

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Cordillera - A giant cat fish was caught by a lucky angler at the famous Burnham Park lake on Thursday during a fishing event. 

Angler Dino Pascual was able to hook a huge cat fish weighing almost 4 kilos and measures 33 inches. 

Cat fish also known as 'hito' or 'paltat' in the Filipino language is among the fresh-water fish that lives in the muddy water of the Burnham Park lake. 

The lake has been a habitat for known fish species like tilapia, carp, and coi including the evasive cat fish that lives near the bottom of the lake. 

On June 13 this year, the city government of Baguio has allowed recreation fishing in the lake. 

Fishing enthusiast and hobbyists must secure a permit or license to fish from the City Environment and Parks Management Office (CEPMO) before conducting any fishing activities.

Fishers at not permitted to bring home the fish the caught as they are bound by the 'catch and release back' policy.



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