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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Igorot Stone Kingdom is 'intact and unaffected' after 7.3 magnitude earthquake

Photo Courtesy || Igorot Stone Kingdom

Cordillera - The owner of the famous Igorot Stone Kingdom in Baguio has given update on the situation of the structure after the region has been hit by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake.

"No damage, not a single crack on the structure and on the groundworks, not even a single stone fell. A proof of the reliability of the Igorot way of Stone laying," Pio Velasco wrote on a post.

He attributed to the Igorot engineering that is being in communication with the natural properties and contours of the ground.

"It is literally down to earth, thereby it is a system closer to nature.  To those who did not believe and who pre judged us of having constructed an unsafe facility, we are so sorry to disappoint you. The Igorot Stone Kingdom passed the test," Velasco added. 

In anticipation of aftershocks, the facility had to be temporarily closed.



Anonymous said...

Good evening Ama Bag-owan (Pio Velasco)
My group (7 of us) was inside the Igorot Stone Kingdom at the moment the earthquake happened. We were at the 2nd ascending lane atop of the main ground right side facing north. At first, my sister and I felt the shake which both of us uttered and I quote: "halla aggun-gon" it's shaking and I even looked closely to where I was standing saying "maybe this is hanging"...but twas a real sister uttered The Lord's Prayer feeling nervous. Eventually, we slowly trailed down leaving the site....nobody panic, I think, and for me I haven't seen falling rocks or a sister kept saying prayers of the Hail Mary Full of Grace....thank u Lord for we were safe and I presume there were more than 200 guests that time. I even had in mind the usual EQ drill we do quarterly in schools and to have presence of mind, not to panic and keep faith. We started our travels last July 25 by hearing holy mass @ Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine, spent 2 days/2 nights in 2 beach resorts and this morning paid visit @ Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto ....a well spent short vacay tho unexpectedly this natural phenom came in....we believe we have sought God's travel mercies and He did save us with the intercession of Mother Mary...we are Catholics so I speak of this...we all have our own dogmas...keep faith and the work of art of you, the owner of the ISK...has been tested today....kudos Ama Bag-owan...
dolly Catanauan fromBayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

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