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Friday, July 29, 2022

Cordilleran architect gives tips how to check house after earthquake

Photo Courtesy || Oliver Austria & BFP

Cordillera - Cordillera-based architect and youtuber Mr. Oliver Austria offers life-saving tips on how to check your houses after an earthquake. 

To guide homeowners inspect the credibility of their houses after being shaken by a high magnitude earthquake, Austria pointed out the importance of scanning the beams and posts for structural cracks. 

There are two types of structural cracks that may be seen on concrete structure after an earthquake, flexural cracks and shear cracks.

Flexural cracks are vertical or horizontal cracks while shear cracks are diagonal cracks.

Austria pointed out the virtual checking of diagonal cracks because these are the most dangerous one. 

He also discouraged continuing any works related to pouring concrete on slabs or posts because of aftershocks that could follow after a major earthquake. 

On Wednesday July 27, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Cordillera at 8.43 am local time which caused damage to several structures and triggering landslides.

The province of Abra has sustained the major damages and people had to leave their houses to avoid being hurt cause by aftershocks.

The local and national government quickly mobilized its emergency teams to aid those affected by the earthquake.



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