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Friday, October 22, 2021

Restaurant in Baguio offers free meal to hardworking BENECO linemen

Photo Courtesy || BELU

Cordillera - Netizens were quick to appreciate the generosity of the owner of this local eatery in Baguio city who offered free meal to BENECO MCOs doing meter maintenance. 

Beneco linemen Xaxon Allasiw and Claver Alam-am were in the area fixing and replacing defective meter when they went to have lunch at Emachouse Eatery. When they asked for their bill, the owner just handed this folded receipt with the message, "Laban Beneco Free". Xaxon and Claver were speechless, according to a post from Beneco Employees Labor Union.

Meanwhile, netizens shared their appreciations to the kind owner of the restaurant.

"Another better way to help those who are working hard for the good of the people, for our community. Others may say, its their Job. But what the linemen do beyond hours, rain or shine, is something not many can do especially in times of calamities. We thank our linemen and our fellow who are kind to help them in return," one netizens wrote. 

Another commented "Let us support this establishments who are kind enough to support our fight. So please keep on posting this establishments ta isu isuport ti legit MCOs isu manlng ti bingay tayu dyta ta ad ado pay tulungan da... God bless your kind heart".

Recently, hundreds of MCOs marched to the cooperative's main office to peacefully retake the headquarter which was illegally occupied by NEA-appointed general manager Ana Marie Rafael and supervisor Omar Mayo.



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