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Friday, October 22, 2021

Igorot carvers behind 'Pearl Divers, 'Crystal Dragon', 'Lion Fountain' sculptures in biggest malls in Dubai

Photo Courtesy || Gideon Vicente

Cordillera- If you have been to some Big malls in Dubai and been fascinated with the artworks that you can't resist the urge to take photos of these artworks or have selfies with them, consider yourself lucky to have personally spotted your own countrymen's masterpieces.

So, which one of them, you might wonder. Then, try scanning your previous photos if you've been to the biggest mall in Dubai, the Dubai Mall, you must have captured the 'Pearl Divers'.

You must have also captured the 'Crystal Dragon' at the Mall of Emirates.

Another one at the IBN Batutta Mall is the great 'Lion Fountain'.

Photo Courtesy || Gideon Vicente

Oh, and  there's the 'African Head' on top of a Pyramid which can be found in Raffles, Dubai.

To build these ingenious carvings, they used Styrofoam, fiberglass, resin, 2k and acrylic paints.

But that's not all, there are more of these amazing handy works in different parts of Dubai Arab Emirates that can be added in your bucket list.

Did you know that these artworks which were carved with intense passion and hard work were all crafted by skilled artists from Cordillera?

Kudos to Igorot artist Mr. Gideon Vicente and company, the talent of the Igorots in the carving industry had been recognized in the Middle East.

Photo Courtesy || Gideon Vicente

Now that you know, you can identify yourself with these artists together with their crafts while appreciating those captured photos bringing back memories and can take pride that your brothers are taking the limelight internationally.

So there, you can have more activities to do when you go  for a mall hopping in Dubai or start adding it in your bucket list once travel restrictions are lifted.



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