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Saturday, August 7, 2021

BoGH Intern nurses chip in to buy needed groceries for sick child

Photo Courtesy || Cei Yeong Pha

We often hear the parable of the good Samaritan being used to teach us about kindness, sympathy, and doing selfless acts for others. 

These days however, the good Samaritan is no longer just a parable but became a way of life.

Believer or not, being a good Samaritan is a personal choice and it's inspiring and life-changing for anyone to experience it.

A netizen, Cei Yeong Pha can testify to this when he expected it the least.

In his Facebook post, he narrated  how he have witnessed an overwhelming act of kindness from intern nurses from the University of Cordillera.

Mr Cei accounted that he rushed his 6-year old nephew at the Bontoc General Hospital due to complicated symptoms and forgot to bring anything with him, not even his mobile phone because he panicked. 

When the nurse on duty asked him some water, alcohol and towel for his nephew,  he just smiled and answered that he didn't have any.

If you can imagine how Mr. Cei have felt that very moment, being in the hospital with nothing, can't call for help and can't leave the child. It must be heartbreaking for him!

But then, imagine how he must have felt when after a while, some basic necessities were unexpectedly brought to their ward. It must be heartwarming for him as well!

"This moment, I believed that.. there are still GOOD SAMARITAN around us," he concluded in his Facebook post.

He was beyond surprised to learn from the nurse on duty that the interns from the University of the Cordilleras, who are total strangers to him chipped in to buy those goods especially for his nephew.



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