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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Atty. Frisco Domalsin - The Cordilleran Cowboy Attorney who saved 5 boys

Photo Courtesy || Pio Velasco

Cordillera - Here is an admirable story of Attorney Frisco Domalsin also known as the "Cordilleran Cowboy Attorney" as penned by sir Pio Velasco, the property owner of "The Igorot Stone Kingdom". 


I’m so proud and thankful that my good Friend and Kumpadre, the retired Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) Director for Cordillera ATTY. FRISCO DOMALSIN stepped down from his saddle and from his easy life to come to the aid of 5 young boys. The boys aged just 18 and above were wrongly accused in a case. He helped defend the boys in court and had the best argument that held water leading to the boys acquittal from the case. 

For me and the families affected,  “AttorneyPadre” (As i fondly call him) is a Hero. Just imagine the future of 5 young lives destroyed if they were wrongly convicted. 

Atty. FRISCO DOMALSIN, dubbed “The Last Cowboy” due to his penchant in wearing cowboy attires is a brilliant Igorot lawyer. He won court cases that landed in the SCRAA of the Philippines Supreme Court. One landmark case he won when he was a Public Attorney was in defending a security guard who is wrongly accused of murder. This was a celebrated case in Baguio back then.  Atty. DOMALSIN’s brilliant defense acquitted the  innocent security guard. He solely faced a barrage of top Baguio lawyers at that time but he stood his ground and won the case. One more good thing is this Security guard is now a ranking Police officer. After he was acquitted, he was inspired to go to college and take up Criminology. This enabled him later to join the PNP.  Hopefully the boys whom Atty. DOMALSIN helped save now will have the same fate too. By God’s grace. . 

Now, for his good deeds, for his habitual cowboy attire “that was never questioned in court” despite the dress code, for his being a unique and an accomplished lawyer most especially for his having retired as a PAO Director, ATTY. FRISCO DOMALSIN deserves a spot in our future CORDILLERA HALL OF FAME. This is on the  modern side of the *Igorot Stone Kingdom. Here, he will be in line with other  personalities who made an impact or who brought fame to the Cordillera Region. 

Now i came to truly believe that OLD GUYS RULE for they really are AGED TO PERFECTION.

source || Pio Velasco FB 



Elmer A. Domingo said...

My proud salute to a man who fearlessly stood by and defended the truth!!!

Anonymous said...

He did some very fine work for me 11 years ago, and I need to get in touch with him, does anyone have his phone number? I have 0921 280 0435 which I will try Monday.

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