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Friday, March 26, 2021

Abra student proves Narra bark extracts could potentially treat cancer

Photo Courtesy || Province of Abra

Cordillera - A medical student and her teammates from the University of Northern Philippines (UNP) Vigan have proven that Narra bark extract have  properties that could potentially treat cancer. 

Medical student Kathlyn V. Sagmayao, 25, from Ableg, Daguinan, Abra presented in their research some evidences proving that Narra bark extract contains substance that can reduce the growth of blood vessels thus, stopping tumors to grow.

However, Sagmayao suggested further scientific studies to identify and isolate the bioactive compound of Narra that is responsible for the antiangiogenic activity. 

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Moreover, the well-known phytochemical substances found in Narra (Pterocapus indicus tree) have been attributed to its antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory and cancer cell killing abilities.

These phytochemicals namely Pterocarpin, Pterostilbene and Isoliquiritigen posses properties in treating prostate cancer.

Sagmayao's research ranked third during the National Medical Student Research Competition of the Association of Medical Colleges Student Network (APMC-SN) held in March 19 - 21, 2021.

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She joined the competition representing the University of Northern Philippines in Vigan with the support of her class adviser Dr. Alma Bolante-Segismundo, who is also an AbreƱo. 

Sagmayao is a graduating student of Doctor of Medicine at UNP. 

source || Province of Abra



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