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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Teachers in Mt. Province walk kilometres to get Wi-Fi signal to attend webinar

Photo Courtesy || Julita Gumatay
Cordillera - Four school teachers in Mt.Province have to walk 9 kilometres and cross a river to find an internet signal to attend a webinar.

A group of public school teachers from Maducayan Elementary School in Natunin Mt. Province needed to upgrade their computer skills for the upcoming school year by attending a webinar on blended learning, but  have to walk several kilometres to reach Barangay Saliok, the nearest place where they can find an internet signal.

In an interview with GMA, the head teacher,  Julita Gumatay, said that it takes them about two  hours to reach  Barangay Saliok on foot during a good weather. However, it would take them longer on a bad weather condition as the paths are slippery.

Adjusting to the new social norm brought about by the pandemic, teachers are finding ways to fulfill their duties and responsibilities in bringing education to their students. They are ready to sacrifice their time and resources as a way of showing dedication to their profession.

"As we have pledged it, as a teacher, is to bring education to the children. Lalo na ngayon, COVID-time, talaga we are worried kung paano naman namin iaabot and edukasyon para sa nga bata,"  Gumatay said.

The teachers attended the webinar huddling together as they were using a single mobile phone and a speaker.

According to Gumatay, they have to go to a hill in the said barangay  to have a better internet signal. Despite using only one mobile phone as a remedy for a stronger signal, it's still been fluctuating because they were using a cellphone.

As resilient these teachers may be, Gumatay said that they are more worried about their students' lack of gadgets and the availability of internet signals.

"Paano kami gumamit ng internet or online na wala namang signal? Ang mga bata ay wala naman silang gadgets....they are still ignorant in using gadgets like this...," Gumatay added.

These teachers are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to bring education to the children. Just like other teachers and educators facing the same predicament, Gumatay's heartfelt request is to have a stronger cell site.

May these teachers' simple request for a stronger cell site or internet signal be granted and be considered an urgent need if schools will be implementing distance or blended learning as part of the new program in the education sector.

source || GMA


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