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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Cordilleran farmers choose generosity over profit; Sell veggies for less to help government in relief operation

Photo Courtesy || Johnny Diwas Waguis
Cordillera - Generous and kind Cordilleran farmers decided to sell their vegetables at a low price to help the government have affordable veggies to be distributed as relief packages to people in need.

Manong Joven Pasadillo, a farmer from Palasaan, Mankayan, Benguet sold his 3.6 tons of womboc under the "10 Piso Para Sa Farmer" program of the Provincial Government of Benguet.

Pasadillo could have earned a whopping P72,000 if he sold it at the La Trinidad Trading Post for P20-P25 a kilo but he said that earning half the price is okay to him. 

"Olay san 10 pesos tan tulong on kakailyan san odom.(10 pesos is alright. The rest is my contribution for our provincemates)" Pasadillo said.

Another generous farmers Manong Paul Malucay, manong Leonardo Baguingey, and company from Bulalacao, Mankayan, Benguet, donated their 1.5 tons of assorted vegetables to the provincial government waiving the 10 Piso per kilo.

"May olay kosto tan para relief iib-a tako. Panlaglagipan da en dakami ay farmers". (It's alright, no need of any payment for they are intended as relief for our neighbors. That they may remember us farmers)," the group of farmers said in a statement.

Cordilleran farmers are known to be generous during time of crisis. They live by the principle "the secret of living is by giving". 

Farmers didn't hesitate to extend their assistance to those in need. 

Many netizens praised the generosity of the Cordilleran farmers.

"God bless all the farmers who have generous heart, Go will return that favor, one netizen commented. 

"Thanks for your generosity. God bless you always. Sana in the near future the government will also assist you," another one said. 

source || Johnny Diwas Waguis



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Savemycountry said...

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