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Monday, April 6, 2020

Simple acts of kindness performed by Police officers in Besao, Mt.Province

Photo Courtesy || Bhabeth Requino
Cordillera - Hearing stories of police officers performing simple yet selfless acts of kindness across the country truly warms our hearts and restored our faith to humanity. 
We have heard many stories from our Philippine National Police (PNP) officers who are extending their duty to help citizens who need assistance in their area of responsibility, such as helping farmers harvest their produce, helping pregnant woman give birth and treating the homeless with a nice meal in a restaurant. 

Like this group of police officers stationed in Besao, Mt. Province, who not only travel to bring relief goods to the less fortunate members of the community, but also offered to do haircut, washed and changed the clothes of two brothers who seem to be in a very difficult situation. 
Photo Courtesy || Bhabeth Requino
These police officers went above and beyond their daily duties to help those in need.

Their good deeds and compassion remind us that kindness and doing good towards our neighbors and member of the community are worth emulating. 

Kudos to the Police Officers in Besao, Mt. Province. You are truly an inspiring hometown heroes.



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