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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Raffy Tulfo helps troubled farmer from Kalinga with cash and livelihood

Photo Courtesy || Raffy Tulfo in Action YT channel
Cordillera - A troubled Kalinga farmer seek helps from Raffy Tulfo hoping to reconcile with his wife and save his marriage.

Elvin Garcia from Kalinga went to Tulfo in Action Radio program to ask Raffy for help about his OFW wife, who  allegedly getting married to another man.
Garcia claimed that he saw a post on his wife's Facebook account a wedding ring indicating that she is going to be married to someone else.

His wife, however, denied her husband's allegation and that the post was just made up.  

Tulfo, on the other hand, advised the wife to come back to the Philippines to personally discuss the matter with his husband and get reconciled because he was concerned about the welfare of their very young child.

In the program, Tulfo promised Elvin to give him cash assistance and livelihood to get back on his feet after having been buried in debt due to the low price of rice. 
A good Samaritan, Joan Sapanta, who is an OFW had also gave 10,000 pesos to Garcia to help him pay for his expenses in coming to Manila.

Raffy Tulfo's program is helping thousands of Filipinos who come to him for help with their problems in life. 

Tulfo's YouTube channel has grown with more 9 million subscribers as of this writing. 


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