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Sunday, November 17, 2019

LOOK: Philippines' biggest Ube unearthed in Tuba, Benguet

Photo Credit || Abs Cbn News FB
Cordillera - A farmer from Tuba, Benguet has been dubbed the "Ube Man" after growing a gigantic 'Ube' from his garden.

Homer Menzi was able to uproot a 6 ft. tall white 'Ube' in his garden weighing 28 kilograms.

According to Menzi, this was the first time he was able to grow this size of 'Ube'.

"We planted this before but we just harvested it recently because we went to Agoo and we just saw this today so it's a bit bigger than usual," Menzi said.

Menzi's neighbors were amazed so they posted it in the social media.

"There used to be something similar,  but it only weighed 13 kilos. We were happy because of the size of the 'Ube', we were just amused to post it, " Jayson Pacio, Menzi's cousin said.

According to the agricultural technologist of Tuba, Menzi's white ube is unusual.

"The longer the ube stays under the ground, the more it shrinks, it will decrease in size or there's what we call 'palayon' or it will rot to the ground. So we will subject this for further study," Michel Saingan said.

It is believed that having a giant 'Ube' depends on the good quality of soil.
"It is better if the soil is soft, not hard, so that it can easily grow, just like this the soil is fertile," Menzi said.

Nevertheless, Menzi sold the white ube to Good Shepherd, one of the most famous Pasalubong shop in Baguio.

Good Shepherd was also surprised with Menzi's ube

"Besides being our organized farmers, the seedlings that they plant are also of good quality, so the  harvest is also of good quality, I was just surprised to see an 'Ube' that big," Michael Amagod, the purchasing officer of Good Sheperd said.

The 'Ube' plantation in Tuba is about 12 hectares, second of the largest plantation in province of Benguet.

source || ABS CBN NEWS


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