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Friday, August 30, 2019

Brave Policemen of Kalinga risk their own lives to save a family lost at NPA ambush point

Photo Courtesy || Balbalan Mps FB
Cordillera - A family composed of eight people (six adults and 2 kids) was rescued by brave policemen and military at a hot ambush point by NPA in Kalinga-Abra road. 

According to a letter composed by Jefferson S. Limpin addressed to Director General Oscar Albayade, he detailed his family's entire trip to Sagada up to the moment they were lost and rescued in the middle of the night. 

Limpin wrote the moment he noticed they were lost following a direction from Google map and WAZE app. His family planned to travel to Vigan after visiting Sagada but ended up lost in the middle of the road by midnight. It is also raining hard, thick fog enveloped the road and there's no one to ask help from. Their car was also stuck on dirt mud and wasn't able to move.

Limpin decided to call 911 and they were told to contact Licuan Police Station which is the nearest station in the area (Kalinga-Abra road). However, an officer told them that they have no available back up for rescue and the area is said to be an ambush point for NPA.

The family was shocked to what they heard and Limpin began praying and tried browsing his smartphone to look for other police stations to call for help. He saw Balbalan Police Station and immediately contacted them.

"I tried searching for their number online and luckily I found one, then I called immediately to avail help, good thing a man with a local voice answered politely, he is in the name of PEMS EDWIN B. GUBIANGAN,... during the phone conversation he verified some details and he couldn't believe that we were up there as there were no vehicles of any kind would risk to go up there knowing that it is too risky driving on the said location, he became suspicious as he also stated that, "WALA PONG SIGNAL DYAN, PAANO KAYO NAKATAWAG?", I just answered him "HINDI KO DIN ALAM SIR!' BASTA KAILANGAN NAMIN ANG TULONG NYO" I advised him that I have my 2 kids onboard then suddenly my 9 month old baby starts to cry, as he heard the cry, his voice suddenly sounded so concern and he started to plan for rescue, the conversation ended up with him saying," SIR MAGTATAWAG LANG PO AKO NG TROPA AT PUPUNTAHAN NAMIN KAYO", Limpin wrote.

Limpin and his family felt reassurance after the conversation and everyone stayed in the car to wait for the help as PEMS Gubiangan told them to wait for an hour. 

"I was so uneasy waiting for the 1 hour period to come, another 10 minutes passed then suddenly a white light coming from behind hits the rear mirror, it shines on my eyes, that moment was the best felling I ever felt that day. So without hesitation I pushed my friend Clint and said "Clint! Baba! Baba! May ilaw ng sasakyan" he was looking at me with a scared look on his face, saying what if its not the police? But then I asked him to just go down! Then he went down and raised his arms waving, showing he is like surrendering to the authority, then I shortly followed him. A man went down, a silhouette of a man uniformed carrying an M16 riffle holding it tightly as if he is ready to fire anytime if things get bad, but when we're about a foot away, tears fell down my eyes and can't help myself and I hugged him tight so tight while saying " Sir tulungan niyo po kame! Maraming maraming salamat po sa inyo!!! Andito po ang mga anak ko! The BRAVE MAN AND A GOOD SOUL IS PEMS EDWIN B. GUBIANGAN, without any hesitations, he and other officers went straight to the car and started to evacuate my family and transferred them to their rescue mobile", Limpin added.

Rescue officers of Balbalan Police station also worked their way to push the car to the other side of the road using some pulling ropes. While doing so, a light from a motorbike was coming towards them with two men wearing ponchos and armed with M16 riffle. They stopped and identified themselves as army officers. They said they are responding to a call from someone. The two army officers helped the police in pulling the car out of the water. The army also escorted the family to the cemented road going to Vigan. 

Limpin and his family survived the night safely with the help of the brave policemen and army.

"Kulang and salitang salamat para pasalamatan po kayo, utang namin ang buhay namin sainyo" Limpin said to the rescuers before they left. 

They also took photos with the police and army officers as a remembrance to the brave souls who are willing to sacrifice their own lives just to help and stand on what they've sworn to the beloved country.

Limpin ended his letter with the names of the officers namely, PEMS Edwin B. Gubiangan, PCMS Marion A. Gacayan, PCpl Larry Puguon, PCpl Leo Marrero and under the direct supervision of PCPT. George A. Acob. The two army officers, Sgt. Del Rosario and Pepsi Belaquio.

He also wrote, "TO SERVE AND PROTECT". THE BRAVE POLICEMEN OF BALBALASANG, BALBALAN are equipped and ready at all times.



20020332 said...

God bless u sirs and may ur tribe increase

Anonymous said...

I got goosebumps while reading the whole story. Mabuhay Balbalan Police and Philippine Army. The real hero !mga Sir!��‍♂️��

Anonymous said...

Very heartwarming deed. May you never tire to serve your fellow men.

Unknown said...

Indeed to serve and protect!kudos brave men of Balbalan!

Anonymous said...

Grabe nalaka koma tumulong no awan kalaban. ngem nagmayaten ta natutured ken natataragsit agitoy nga popolisen ken sosoldados iti balbalanen. mabuyah kayo amin.

Anonymous said...

I just cried after reading this, there is hope for humanity!
Thank you Sirs for doing your duty.

Elmer Mariano said...

It is sometimes that we doubt our own life when God brings people who will help. The officer mentioned were brought to you and we give salute to them.

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