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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Stunning Places You Should Visit When in Kapangan, Benguet

Contributed By: Daniel's Eco-Travels

Cordillera - Kapangan Benguet heralds the famous Grand March dance. It is also the hometown of the late Gov. Bado Dangwa, one of the prominent Cordillera figures. But did you know? Kapangan also hosts fascinating tourist spots worthy of exploration and admiration. Slowly, it's hitting a spot in the growing ecotourism world. visited Kapangan and here are the best places to visit and how to get there:

1. Badi Falls - it the most popular among the many waterfalls in Kapangan. This is actually a series of at least five beautiful waterfalls at a remote outskirt of Barangay Sagubo. The highest of which, measures more that 50 meters high. Some of the falls also have naturally-built pools with icy-cold and crystal-clear waters. Aside from swimming, rappel is often done here. To get there, one needs to hike for more or less two hours from the community proper. Good thing, the trails is well-established though there are steep and slippery parts. Badi falls is a tourist spot in Kapangan you must not miss. 
Badi Falls: Photo Courtesy || Daniel's Eco-travel

2. Pey-og Falls - Located in Barangay Boklaoan. It measures more than 100 meters high, making it the highest falls of Kapangan. The get there, trek for an hour or two from the barangay. You will be passing by forested trails, making it even more rewarding and rejuvenating. Upon reaching the falls, its sheer height and beauty offers an instant relief. Its water cascade in layers like drizzles from the heavens. Even from as far as Halsema Highway in Atok, the waterfalls can be seen especially when it's on full force during rainy months. 
Pey-og Falls: Photo Courtesy || Daniel's Eco-travel

3.  Balabag Mummy Cave, found in barangay Beleng-Belis. It sits at the foot of Mt. Balabag. Oh yes, you can also gaze on stalagmite and stalactite formations here. From the barangay proper, it takes more or less three hours of hike to get there. After visiting the cave, you can trek to Mt. Balabag and enjoy its rustic and scenic views. 
Balabag Mummy Cave. Photo Courtesy || Daniel's Ecotravel

4. Catampan Rice Terraces. It is just one of the several rice terraces of Kapangan, Benguet, Heirloom rice varieties are grown here. It is best to come here just before the harvest season or just after the planting season. 
Catampan Rice Terraces. Photo Courtesy || Daniel's Eco-travel

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