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Monday, March 25, 2019

New Food Fair "Mangan Taku" to showcase Cordillera's indigenous cuisines

Photo Courtesy || The Igorot FB Page
Cordillera - When the word Cordillera comes to mind or being talked about especially to most outsiders, they think of the images of bright and colorful attires (the bahag for men and tapis for women). Many also would think about the playing of gongs and solibaos during especial occasions or ceremony (kanyao).

But there is also a part of the Cordillera culture that hasn't got much attention to outsiders and this is Cordilleran cuisines. 

Culinary adventurers and those who love tasting different food are welcome to the new Food Fair called "Mangan Taku" organized by the Department of Tourism - Cordillera (DOT-CAR) set on April 8 to 14 in the Baguio City. 

The aim of the food fair is to bring all indigenous cuisines from the whole region to Baguio for locals and tourists to experience a different kind of gastronomic indulgence here in the city of Pines.

DOT-CAR officer in charge Jovita Ganongan said it is important to remember that dishes from the different provinces in the region have a special place in the culture to which it belongs and is special to those who prepare it. 

"Baguio will serve as the host of the Cordillera food fair considering that it is the most visited tourist destination in the region," Ganongan said.

"We should embrace our heritage through food. It is a portal into our culture and it should be treated as such," she added. 

The food fair will not only promote the culture of the Cordillera but it will also showcase some of the cooking talents of the Indigenous People or IPs.

Holding the event in the month of April is a perfect time as more tourists are coming to Baguio to take a break from the summer heat. 

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) record shows that this mountain resort city received a total of 1.5 million tourists in 2017, or 77 percent of the region's total tourist arrivals of 1.96 million living up with its tag as one of the leading tourist destinations. 

source || PNA


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