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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Benguet has the best Arabica Coffee in the Philippines - coffee experts say

Baguio City - The locally grown Arabica coffee in Benguet emerged as the champion and named as the best coffee in the Philippines during the 3rd Philippine Coffee Conference held in Baguio City on March 21- 22. 

The Arabica coffee entry of Mr. Oliver Oliem, a coffee farmer from Caliking, Atok, Benguet topped other regions in the country in terms of coffee quality.

Here is a review of a customer who has tried Benguet Arabica coffee.

Oliem entry got a grade of 87.06 from the judges who unanimously voted for the Arabica entry and said the coffee beans were exemplary because it has blends that has a characteristics of Apricot, lemongrass, Pomelo, Oolong Tea and aroma of a Rose. 

One of the judge Shaun Ong from Singapore, said the high-rating of the coffee quality is testament of the improving coffee quality in the country. 

"There is a dramatic increase of quality and it caught the judges, wondering what has been happening on the ground. Competition helps producers realize there is market for quality coffee. Anything above 80 should already be applauded." Ong said. 


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Other winners from Benguet were the coffee entry of Restie Labi Tacio, also from Caliking, Atok, who got the third spot and Belen Macanes from Sagpat, Kibungan, who was ranked fifth place. 

Winners of this year's coffee competition were recognized during the 2018 PCQC awarding ceremony  at the Hotel Supreme. 

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Co-organized by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and other Philippine government agencies including US based institutions, the PCQC aims to give recognition to farmers who showcase excellence in coffee growing, and to encourage others to push for product development.

Lead judge Charlie Habegger, a specialty coffee buyer for Blue Bottle Coffee from USA and Asia said "Competitions are important because we identify those coffee and we could share those coffee as an example".

"Judges from different cultures, palletes, experience, perspective can agree on example of great quality that is really significant", Habegger added. 



  1. I mix my arabica coffee beans w/ kalinga blend coffee beans or barraco beans and hasel nut coffee beans and mix it all together then have it grind. Brew it..WOW! You can smell the aroma from afar.

  2. The article did not mention if there were entries from Mt Prov, Kalinga, etc. It only focused on entries from Benguet. I'd like to know the rankings. Which province produces the 2nd best, 3rd, etc


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