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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Young cop from Baguio hailed as hero in Marawi terror siege

Police Inspector Fredie Solar. Photo Credits: Susan Solar-Urbano
Baguio City -  A young cop from Baguio was being held as a hero on Tuesday after he was killed in the line of duty during the initial clash between government forces and the militant group Maute in Marawi City.

Senior Inspector Fredie Solar from Baguio City, a graduate of PNPA 'Sansiniringan' class of 2007 was assigned in Mindanao right after his graduation.

His story of becoming a police officer and of serving the people of Mindanao up to his untimely death has gone viral after a message of his sister Susan Solar-Urbano was widely shared on social media.

Susan shared how Freddie had ignored their request for him to work for his re-assignment to other place in the country except Mindanao. But he reasoned out that the people of Marawi liked him and he had loved them as well.

"After graduation, he was assigned in Mindanao. For numerous times, we have pleaded for him to come back in Baguio. We have asked him to apply to re-assignment at any other place in the Philippines except Mindanao," Urbano wrote.

"...the people there respect him and this was enough for him to stay. He has come to love the people of Marawi," Urbano added.

Fredie Solar died a hero defending the people that he has come to protect - the people of Marawi, Urbano continued.

"But just last night, a the Marawi siege, in the hands of the heartless terrorists, we lost him. He died defending the people that he has come to protect. We lost a humble, kind-hearted, determined brother who we dearly love, all for the sake of the country,"

Many netizens who have read Urbano's post were touched by the story and have shared their sympathies to the family of Solar.

"Condolence to the family and may you rest in peace inspector. I do not know the dignity of his birth but I do know the glory of his death. Salute to all brave men," Leoj Tagamub commented.

Facebook user Anacleta Soriano also wrote, I have so much respect for all men and women in uniform who selflessly gave their lives that we may live in peace and freedom. What a high price to pay! Rest in eternal heavenly peace MY HERO!"

The family of Police Inspector Fredie Solar has asked the assistance of the Philippine National Police (PNP) for the transport of his body from Iligan City to Baguio.

As of this moment his body was in a funeral home in Illigan under the care of his wife and son.

President Rodrigo Duterte has cut short his 5-day trip in Russia and headed back home to see the situation on the Marawi attack. He later declared Martial Law in the entire Mindanao island.

The clash is still on going with some of the Philippine elite forces was deployed to help in bringing back peace in the terrorist-inflicted city.

By Alex.


Anonymous said...

Salute to the fallen hero. The people will not forget your bravery. The battle of Marawi shouldn't have been a place where father's, son's and brother's would die fighting for a war that should have been detected by the intelligence community earlier. Early detection equals less deaths. Just like cancer, it could have been treated. What happen's after the medals have been given posthumously? What happens to the fatherless children? To the grieving parents who spent years raising their child only to be killed by idiots who have pledged their allegiance to someone hiding in Iraq. Someone has to be accountable for one blunder that has cost the lives of thousands of our men in uniform and the billions of pesos that was wasted. Taps to the fallen.

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