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Monday, September 4, 2017

U.S. to hire Filipino teachers to fill the massive teacher shortage problem - report says
In a recent article published by NBC News, it discusses the massive teacher crisis  many American schools are facing and the "new creative policy solutions they see is by importing instructors/teachers from foreign countries.

One country of their choice in the Philippines because Filipino teachers from the country's best schools speak fluent English.

"The Philippines has been an ideal country for schools facing shortages to turn to. Teachers in the country's best schools speak fluent English (it's one of the nation's two official languages, stemming from its status as a former U.S. territory) and the national school system is similar to the American one, allowing teachers to more easily have their credentials and certifications transferred."

The shortage of teachers in the U.S is worsening according to the report and many schools are taking actions into their own hands in order to fill the gap.

An education think tank that analyzed federal education data, revealed nearly 300,000 positions in public schools districts alone need filled. Their is a shortage of nearly over 1,000 positions if compared to the over 196,000 certified teachers who will make up the teaching force.

Experts believe the crisis is due the low interest of teachers to take the job because they are unhappy.

Even despite of increasing the salaries of teachers, but still no one in interested so the solution of hiring teachers overseas has seems to be fitting.

One public school in California has employed over 12 teachers from the Philippines to teach mix of special education and science subject for the school year 2016-2017 and have hired six more Filipino teachers just last week.

Filipino teachers who work in the U.S. mainland are given a non-immigrant visa category known as J-1 visa designed to promote cultural exchanges.

The salary given to them is much higher compared to the salary they get in the Philippines. This is one of the reasons many Filipinos desire to find work overseas rather than in their home country.

A small job placement agency in California is currently running a business of recruiting Filipino teachers to work in America has said it has successfully recruited over 200 teachers ready to work for the upcoming school year.

Schools that are looking for teachers turn to the agency for help. They will be connected with interested Filipino applicants thru skype wherein they will conduct interviews and request for teaching demonstration.

One school school in Arizona decided to hire 11 Filipino teachers after seeing videos of their teaching skills and their credentials.

The Philippines is home of the most skilled and highly educated teachers in the world. They possess total dedication and passion for their craft, - the reasons many countries wanted to hire them.

If America is facing massive teacher shortage at this moment in time and employing Filipino teachers is on top of the solutions, then they are on the right track.

Because wherever you put Filipino teachers, their passion and dedication for their sworn duty will make them successful.


Rum Tan said...

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