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Friday, October 9, 2020

Creative: Jeepney driver in Baguio uses recycled juice packs as divider

Photo Courtesy || Caniezo Hongitan

Cordillera - When it comes to creativity and resourcefulness, this Jeepney driver in Baguio city has a great idea on how to turn waste into an effective protection against the spread of Covid-19. 

Resty Camolo Bansag, a driver plying the Baguio-Itogon route used recycled juice packs as protective dividers for his jeep. 

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Photo Courtesy || Caniezo Hongitan

In a photo shared by netizen Caniezo Hongitan, the dividers were composed of empty plastic sachets of juice which appeared to be knitted together to form a wide area enough to be used as seat barriers. 

Photo Courtesy || Caniezo Hongitan

The result is a colorful and presentable protective dividers. 

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Good job Mr. Bansag for coming up with a well functioning protective barriers. 


Saturday, April 25, 2020

WATCH: Baguio's 'Qurantine Jeep' goes viral; Ted Failon interviews owner Mr. Amino

Photo Courtesy || Failon Ngayon & Gideon Amino

Cordillera - A jeepney driver in Baguio City has come up with an extra measure to protect his passengers against the threat of Covid-19. 

A photo from Gideon Amino, the driver who installed a makeshift plastic partition between the passenger's seat is being appreciated on social media. 

"WOW di namin naexpect na mapopost yung ginawa namin kahapon. Maraming salamat sa naka appreciate lalo sa nag post... (Wow! we were not expecting that our work yesterday was posted [on social media]. Thank you so much to those who appreciated especially those who posted it)," Amino said.
Photo Courtesy || Caroline Ann Salon
He said that they just wanted to ensure that their passengers are safe from the Covid-19. 

"Gusto lang naming safe ang mga pasahero. A simple way of preventing NCOV19... stay safe everyone!, Amino added. 

In the photo, the passenger's seat is seen being partitioned with transparent plastic attached to the ceiling down to the seats. 

The idea behind the partition is to maintain physical distancing among the passengers and to add extra protection just in case one passenger is infected with the virus. 

Photo Courtesy || Caroline Ann Salon
Kudos to Mr. Gideon Amino and company for the unique idea in keeping our community safe from the virus. 

Your simple idea is a proof that there are people in our country who take this crisis seriously and take part in preventing the spread of this virus.

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