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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Kindhearted netizens flock to help and buy farmer's unsold carrot

Photo Courtesy || Maryjane Tidang

Cordillera - Several netizens on social media who heard the news of a farmer who was unable to sell his carrots at BAPTC/Trading Post responded to the call and immediately went to help the farmer dispose his carrot.

The poor farmer had no choice but to sell his carrot at a bargain price of 10 pesos per kilo, just enough to have cash to buy fuel for his truck to go home. 

He said he doesn't want to bring home the carrot and just throw it away back in to the farm. 

Learning his very unfortunate situation, many netizens came to the rescue and bought all his carrot. 

Miss Maryjane Tidang, who posted the call for help thanked all those who came to help manong farmer and those who extend financial support thru Gcash.

Mamong farmer's unsold carrot is a common problem faced by many Cordilleran farmers, which according to former DA Secretary Manny Piñol, is not a problem of oversupply but the "very poor positioning of commodities produced in excess in one specific area".

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Piñol suggested the reviving of the so called Food Terminal Inc. (FTI), a government corporation created by the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. that aims to revolutionize the agricultural sector of the country, and establish a food consolidation centre for warehousing, food processing, research and quality control, marketing services, and trading. 

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With the help of the FTI, farmers will have another venue for disposing their produce aside from BATPC and Trading Post. 

Unsold produced like carrots could also be processed in to juice rather than thrown away.


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Supercar Blondie admired Igorot farmers' ingenuity of transporting vegies using motorcycle

Photo Courtesy || Supercar Blondie & Rural Rising Philippines
Cordillera - Famous social media celebrity and auto vlogger Supercar Blondie got the attention of these young Igorot farmers who are powering an improvised cable car to transport vegetables using a motorcycle engine. 

"These farmers invented a genius way to transport fruit up a mountain using a motorcycle," Supercar Blondie posted on her official Facebook page. 

Some farmers in the remote parts of Cordillera have been doing this innovative way to transport their produce from their farmlands to the road using a motorcycle engine, rope, pulley, and mandrel. 

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While waiting for the government to provide support for a more appropriate and safer mode of transport, these young farmers worked smart by creating this very helpful method of making a vegetable carrier. 


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