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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Honest kid in Ifugao returns pouch containing P32,000 cash, valuable documents

Photo Courtesy || Alfonso Lista

Cordillera - A young kid in Ifugao province has been admired by netizens online because of his honesty. 

9-year old Gernan Garcia turned over to the police station in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao a pouch he just found. 

According to PNP Alfonso Lista, Gernan found the pouch while walking along the road. The next day, he immediately reported to the police station to turn over the said pouch which contains valuable documents and cash amounting to P32,000. 

The owner of the pouch thanked Gernan for his honesty and admired his parent for raising him as a good child. He also gave him cash reward. 

Meanwhile netizens expressed their appreciation to Gernan's act of honesty. 

One commented: "Good job young kid for your honesty. Your parents raised you well as a kid. God bless."

"Your such an inspiration to other kids, May your tribe increase. God will bless you a thousand folds," Alexandria said. 

Another netizen said: "Ganyan dapat ang tularan ng ibang bata may takot sa Dyos. Pinalaki ng mabuti ng magulang. Mabuhay ka!"


Sunday, June 7, 2020

Three honest kids in Ifugao praised for returning lost bag containing cash

Photo Courtesy || PNP Ifugao Hingyon
Cordillera - Three honest kids in Ifugao province had returned a lost bag containing cash they found to the police station to be later given to the owner. 

These three good-hearted kids were definitely taught by their parents the value of honesty at a very young age. 

The kids could have kept the money or used it to buy things they wanted but they have decided to turn it over to the police station in Hingyon, Ifugao. 
Recently, the Facebook page of PNP Ifugao Hingyon has shared the good deeds of these three kids. 

The post says, "A lost belt bag containing cash found along Paypay, Poblacion, Hingyon, Ifugao was turned-over to this office by three good Samaritans of the day namely: Dexter Lagmoy, Bryson Dagumay and Zaijan Dagumay, all residents of Poblacion, Hingyon, Ifugao. Thanks to these little but responsible kids of Poblacion. God bless you a thousand fold. 

Netizens were quick to appreciate and commend the honesty of these three kids. 

Photo Courtesy || Pnp Ifugao Hingyon
A Facebook user said, " Those kids were well raised by their families. Bless their hearts for their good deed. There reward will be a thousand folds."

"This is a proof that when kids are taught the right way, they will carry out those good attitudes through out, kudos to the parents of the kids! God bless kiddos, God bless Ifugao people," one user commented. 

"God bless these three honest boys.. you are the pride of your parents.. keep up the good traits in your being honest, discipline and kind-hearted children.. you have set a good example to others and worthy to be followed." another netizen wrote. 

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