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Monday, September 4, 2023

Taste of Thailand in Cordillera: The Badthewrong Cafe of Igorot Teacher Freddie Gaynat

Photo Courtesy || Badthewrongcafe

Cordillera - After a decade of imparting knowledge in the vibrant "Land of Smiles", Freddie Gaynat, a dedicated Igorot teacher, made the life-altering decision to return to his homeland, the Philippines. 

Yet, he didn't come back empty-handed; he brought with him a treasure trove of culinary skills acquired during his stay. 

With a burning passion for Thai cuisine, Freddie embarked on an inspiring journey and fulfilled his dream by opening the doors of "Badthewrong Cafe," a remarkable establishment that stands as the town's very first and only Thai restaurant. 

This venture was more than just a business; it was a testament to his unwavering love for the exotic flavors of Thailand.

During his ten-year teaching sojourn in Thailand, Freddie fell head over heels for the tantalizing Thai cuisine. He immersed himself in the culinary culture, diligently observing and learning the intricate art of crafting iconic Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, Pad Kra Pao Moo, the renowned Tomyum Goong, a variety of Thai curries, and much more. Among the stars on his menu, the "Kao Neeo Mamuang" (Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango) emerged as a crowd favorite.

Freddie's profound admiration of Thai food was the catalyst that ignited his dream of introducing these exquisite flavors to his fellow iCordillerans. As he reflected on his return from Thailand, he initially envisioned a cozy coffee shop. 

However, he quickly realized that a coffee shop without food was an incomplete concept. Observing that the town was saturated with Korean and Japanese eateries but sorely lacking Thai cuisine, Freddie had a bold idea: Why not open the first Thai restaurant in La Trinidad?

Little did he anticipate that his humble coffee shop concept would blossom into a full-fledged, authentic Thai restaurant. It didn't take long for word to spread, and soon, enthusiasts of Thai cuisine from all walks of life flocked to "Badthewrong Cafe" to satiate their cravings. 

Freddie was taken aback by the overwhelming love and appreciation he received from those who knew Thai food inside and out.

The story of Freddie Gaynat and "Badthewrong Cafe" is a testament to the power of passion and dedication. It's a reminder that dreams, when fueled by a genuine love for something, can transcend expectations and manifest into something truly extraordinary. 

Freddie's culinary journey serves as an inspiring example of how one person's love for a foreign land's flavors can enrich and diversify the culinary landscape of their own community, bringing smiles and satisfaction to the faces of food lovers in La Trinidad and beyond.


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