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Monday, September 18, 2023

Bontoc farmers turn paddy field into a breathtaking works of art

Photo Courtesy || Gretchen Lippad Buasen

Cordillera - In a mesmerizing display of creativity and agricultural ingenuity, rice farmers in Bontoc, Mountain Province, have turned their paddy fields into canvases, producing breathtaking works of art that have captivated social media users worldwide.

On September 15, 2023, Gretchen Lippad Buasen took to Facebook to share awe-inspiring photographs of the Rice Terraces of Bontoc. These images showcased a remarkable fusion of agriculture and artistry, with intricate designs adorning the lush green rice paddies. 

These designs encompassed a wide range of themes, including religious messages like John 3:16 and patriotic slogans like 'In God we Trust,' as well as heartfelt expressions like 'Loving Arms' and 'God Loves Bayyo,' among others.

This unique form of artistry, known as rice paddy art, originated in Japan in 1993 as a means of regional economic revitalization. Instead of traditional paint, rice paddy artists use different varieties of rice plants with varying colors to create colossal pictures on the fields, effectively turning the fertile land into their canvas.

The breathtaking artistry in Bontoc's rice fields not only showcases the farmers' dedication but also highlights the harmonious coexistence of agriculture and art, adding another layer of cultural richness to this picturesque region. 

Visitors and locals alike are eager to explore this unique fusion of farming and artistry that has put Bontoc on the map for a different kind of natural beauty.


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