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Saturday, October 14, 2023

Victory Liner Introduces first "Royal Class" Sleeper Bus for Luxurious Travel from Cubao to Baguio City

Photo Courtesy || Victory Liner

Cordillera - Victory Liner Bus Company has unveiled its latest addition to the fleet, the "Royal Class" sleeper bus, destined to operate the popular route from Cubao to Baguio City. Commuters can now indulge in the lap of luxury as they embark on this picturesque journey to the summer capital of the Philippines.

Unlike traditional buses, the "Royal Class" sleeper bus offers passengers an unparalleled level of comfort. Each seat is equipped with fully reclinable features, allowing travelers to recline to a near-horizontal position, creating an environment akin to a cozy bedroom. This innovative design ensures a hassle-free sleeping experience during the extended trip, eliminating the discomfort associated with long journeys.

The bus interior is thoughtfully curated, resembling more of a comfortable lounge than a mode of transport. Gone are the upright seats; instead, commuters are welcomed by plush, spacious sleeping pods. Additionally, Victory Liner has addressed a common concern by incorporating an on-board toilet, adding convenience to the luxurious travel experience.

With the introduction of the "Royal Class" sleeper bus, Victory Liner has set a new standard for comfortable travel in the Philippines. As the demand for convenient and lavish travel options continues to rise, this new service is poised to become the preferred choice for travelers journeying between Cubao and Baguio City. Victory Liner's commitment to providing top-notch amenities ensures that commuters can look forward to a delightful and restful journey, making the bus service an integral part of their travel plans. 

Victory Liner has announced in its official Facebook page the route for its Royal Class bus, Cubao to Manila (Vice Versa), Kamias to Cagayan (Vice Versa), Isabela, Tabuk and Tuguegarao. Royal Class trip will start on October 23 onwards. 



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