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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Philippine National Police to recruit 18,179 new police officers

Napolcom Press Release - A total of 18,179 new police officers will be recruited by the Philippine National Police (PNP) for the current year.

This was announced by National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) Vice Chairman and Executive Officer (VCEO) Vitaliano N. Aguirre II, after the NAPOLCOM En Banc, headed by DILG Secretary and NAPOLCOM Chairman Eduardo M. Año, approved Resolution No. 2022-0050, dated January 31, 2022. Said Resolution grants PNP Chief Police General Dionardo B. Carlos the authority to recruit 1,000 Patrolmen and Patrolwomen for regular recruitment and 17,179 Patrolmen and Patrolwomen for attrition recruitment.

“The Commission approved the PNP’s CY 2022 Regular and Attrition Recruitment Program for Patrolmen and Patrolwomen, which will be implemented in two (2) cycles, considering that the distribution is based on police-to-population ratio; peace and order condition; and the actual demands of the functional area,” VCEO Aguirre II said.

The 17,179 attrition recruitment quota shall be distributed to the Offices/Units of the PNP in order to replace uniformed personnel losses due to separation from the service by means of retirement, resignation, death, dismissal from the service, and absence without leave. On the other hand, the 1,000 regular recruitment quota is intended to increase uniformed personnel strength; enhance police visibility; and improve the police-to-population ratio and peace and order condition in operational areas covered by the respective PNP Offices/Units.

This year’s attrition and regular recruitment quota shall be distributed to the Police Regional Offices (PROs), as follows: PRO 1- 200; PRO 2- 200; PRO 3- 800; PRO 4A- 200; PRO 4B- 400; PRO 5- 200; PRO 6- 300; PRO7- 600; PRO8- 600; PRO9- 200; PRO10- 400; PRO11- 300; PRO12- 200; PRO13- 600; PRO Cordillera- 200; PRO BAR- 400; NCRPO- 7,319; and MILF/MNLF- 1,460.

For the National Support Units (NSUs), the following is the allotment of the attrition and regular recruitment quota: Anti-Cybercrime Group- 200; Anti-Kidnapping Group- 100; Aviation Security Group- 100; Communications and Electronics Service- 200; Criminal Investigation and Detection Group- 200; Forensic Group- 200; Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Canine Group- 100; Engineering Service- 100; Highway Patrol Group- 200; Health Service- 400; Headquarters Support Service- 200; Intelligence Group- 100; Information Technology Management Service- 100; Legal Service- 100; Maritime Group- 600; National Police Training Institute- 200; PNP Retirement and Benefits Service- 200; Police Security and Protection Group- 200; and Special Action Force- 100.

VCEO Aguirre II stressed that all accomplished Psychological Assessment Test (PAT) forms shall be sealed in an envelope in order to preserve the integrity of PAT results and ensure that all information therein have not been altered. Likewise, in order to consider the validity of the PAT before publishing its results, the sealed envelope shall be opened and the result shall be published under the presence and supervision of NAPOLCOM and PNP representatives.

Further, VCEO Aguirre reiterated that Chiefs of PNP Offices/Units and members of the Recruitment Screening Committee (RSC), including the head and members of the Secretariat, are required to strictly observe and comply with the rules and regulations in the recruitment, selection and appointment of Patrolman and Patrolwoman, as provided under NAPOLCOM Memorandum Circular No. 2021-001. They are also obliged to follow the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) Guidelines. More importantly, the RSC must strictly follow the “sequential step” in the processing of the applications wherein only those who passed the previous stage shall be allowed to undergo the succeeding processes.

“NAPOLCOM and PNP officer/personnel who shall fail to strictly observe and comply with this Resolution and other pertinent policies shall be dealt with under existing rules and regulations; they shall be immediately relieved; and they shall not be designated to any position of major responsibility,” VCEO Aguirre II said.

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