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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Honest iKalinga woman returns lost P98,000 cash to owner

Photo Courtesy || Pearl Domalleg Namar

Cordillera - An honest iKalinga woman has returned to the owner a bundle of cash worth P98,000 that she found.

Pearl Domalleg Namar, a real state agent and a native of Mangali, Tanudan posted on her social media account the money that she found and called the attention of the owner to contact her. 

According to Namar, she was standing in front of JVA Hospital in Bulanao and waiting for a taxi when she noticed a bundle of money left at the side of the road. 

Namar's conscience kicked in and what came to her mind is to return the money so she immediately posted on her Facebook account the lost money.

She believed that the money is intended to be used for someone's hospitalization because she found it near the vicinity of JVA Hospital.

"Iti adda iti panunut ko, nu ngay mausar nu ma-opera diay tao, ta batog garud iti hospital. Ti panpanutek ket nu ngay pang emergency use na piman. Konsensiya mon a diay," Namar said via gurupress-cordillera.

Meanwhile netizens, expressed their admirations to the act of honesty by Namar. 

One netizen said, "God bless you ma'am Pearl Domalleg Namar,...more blessing to come. 

Another one said, "This woman should be given award for her honesty and not those politicians showing plaque of appreciation".

The honesty of Ma'am Namar is a testament to the Cordilleran culture of "Inayan" which prohibits anyone from consuming or taking anything that he/she does not own. 



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