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Friday, February 12, 2021

READ: Message of hope and encouragement from La Trinidad Mayor Romeo K. Salda

Photo Courtesy || Mayor's Office - La Trinidad FB

Cordillera - A true public servant and like a concerned father to his children, La Trinidad Mayor Romeo K. Salda wrote a heartwarming message of hope and encouragement to his constituents to keep them strong amid the pandemic.

Read his full message below:

Dear Kailyan:

I understand the suffering you may be experiencing right now: hopelessness, quarantine fatigue, confusion, anxiety, isolation or an inexplicable sense of doom and despair. But in experiencing these, remember that you are not alone. Everyone does. And it is okay. 

The brighter side to being human is that we are capable of being and doing much, much more. So amid the daily struggles and the pandemic, do not lose hope. Never lose hope. More so: Never, ever take your own life.

To our youth and children:

When you feel like the world’s uncool, everything’s uncool, your day’s uncool, remember that the world doesn’t end with a heartache or a frustrating friend or a lousy grade. Believe that a day of profound love, laughter and a diploma will soon come, since it always surely does. 

Remember your dreams and why they are worth waking up for, living for, every minute of the day. Yes. Bad times there will be, but so will good times; and the more you grow, you will soon see how each experience actually nourishes you, strengthens you to be the best of who you are.

Keep the faith. You have so much ahead you. You are filled with so much promise and are capable of so much goodness. 

You are loved. You matter. Your opinion matters. Your feelings matter. Share them. Your parents, your friends, your teacher, Pastor, Priest or counsellor, they’ll be there. Always, there will be an ear willing to listen, a hand willing to help, a friend who will laugh even at your corniest jokes. So hang in there, okay? Everything will be okay.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

To the parents: Times are tough; and in our daily struggles, we may be missing out on why we are working hard in the first place: our children. So, always find time for your children. Reach out. Talk to them. Know the warning signs. And more importantly, once spotted, swiftly act on them.

To all community members: Check in on someone - especially, our young ones - you may be concerned about. Listen to what they have to say, how they say it and show them kindness and support. Drown the noise of stigma and spread the message of love instead. Suicides find feeble footing in an atmosphere of love.

Let us not allow our present circumstance to dim the prospects of a better tomorrow – a brighter tomorrow, for one day, it will come. 

I call on all members of the La Trinidad community to be one supportive community. A burden shared is made lighter by each hand willing to carry that weight. Let us thus join hands – at least, figuratively, for the moment – in carrying that weight in our shared pursuit to heal as one.

For our LA TRINIDAD SUICIDE PREVENTION Hotline, please do not hesitate to text or call the following: 

Ms. May Claire Jimenez: 0917 859 2657

Ms. Cristina Anioay: 0910 343 6595




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